The Duryard Summer Ball.. Wooo

All of the girlies... with John lurking worryingly in the background

but then not here? ponderous

Some drunk fools... Nick attempting to seduce the camera, dave apparently taking his new role as a "gangsta" seriously

hazarr... no one looking too drunk yet... we'll soon see


A happy happy go lucky picture, though can't help but feel they want to murder the camera man... you can see it in their eyes!!!

a drunkard sideways camera angle, with Katie realising my foot is in face a 6ft long loaf of wholemeal

Yup alcohol rules

Everyone nearby suspected that shouldn't happen down there, but no one wanted to say first.


Winner of the most pointless photo competition, we liked the contrast of colours and small brownies that were used in the construction of this piece

How to look cool while drunk: 1) Have alcohol in hand 2) Attempt to mimick James Bond 3) Point knowingly towards camera

So far people hiding the alcoholicness quite well...

Though you can see it in his eyes..

but obviously not here at all :P

twasn't me.. you can't prove anything

still managing to pull off the James Bond avec a few too many martinis look...

not much u can say really ;)


apparently there was something better than the camera to the left, possibly the 6ft luxembourgian that had tampered with the makeshift lemon juicer

what the... interchanging guys, awesome

yes its true, closing your eyes prevents embarressment later on, poss

The lack of alcohol astonished everyone involved

Word up homeboys

possibly the cutest photo of anyone swearing...

the luxembourgian was still fidderling with various aparatus

in years to tongue, the uncontrollable tongue was talked about with a mythic status surrounding it, yet the proof is right here

Under control, the alcohol and the tongue failed to cause any more trouble


Possibly the least drunk picture in here, nice one peeps


Jack was annoyed at the lack of bunting at the party, and expressed his annoyance as above ^

The customary fight club session started the party really pumping

which followed with various random people appearing in photos, anyone know the guy on the left??? Posted by Hello

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