Wasting words on lower cases and capitals

I miss blogging on this blog. I miss not being 20 light years behind on my other blog. I'm sure I used to have a greater grip on the English language, and I could mold it to my very will. Though maybe not. This post has little purpose except to remind you I exist. I'm going for chinese. I expect to drink my weight in Chinese Tea. And Brand New is still and will always be the greatest band in the world. Yes sir.

In related news, Rex and I have decided to start an indie alt-rock post-hardcore band. When I get back. We'll woo the girls with our deep lyrics, hard hitting palm-muted power chords, floppy hair, and general emotonic undertones.

Raffle can supply the musical talent we might need by our 3rd album. Good show.

In related news, I'm collecting various graffeti I've seen under beds and in toilets, current winner is:

The red red robin,
goes bob bob bobbing along,
Shoot the Bastard,
Shoot the Bastard,
Shoot Shoot Shoot the Bastard.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Note to Self: Remember that band, and their album "In the Aeroplane Over The Sea". Good boy.

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