Ladies meet up

Though my memory is somewhat cracked and splintered I do remember that on the day which is of today, I met up with Joff, lady Sarah and later on Joff's new girlfriend Sarah around the mighty city of London. At some point we were on this bridge, which is either the Golden Jubilee bridge or the millennium bridge, I always forget. If memory serves, we ate in Wagamama, which was awesome as usual. Or it was some wagamama alternative on the south bank. We then chilled in a park near Waterloo, or Embankment, or Charing Cross or somewhere that my brain has forgotten, before Sarah and Joff scooted off, leaving the lady and I to have a beer the Bar Ha Ha. Excellent stuff.

Unrecollected Memories

Apparently Shing, Rex and I went to camden today, this can be proved by the photographic evidence which I do indeed have in my possession. I'm sure we had a faint gander at various shops, in fact we may have gone to Bond Street before or after, or indeed the day before, I'm unsure. Anyway, we soon resulted in eating and drinking cocktails in a nice little bar type place we found off the main street. And it was happy hour so everyone was happy.


It's a van. Near Covent Garden

Pork Ribbe night

"Ribbe is served for Christmas Eve dinner in many Norwegian homes. It is easy to prepare and, if so desired, can be baked the day ahead and served cold. However, the thrill of Christmas Eve would vanish in our home if the heavenly aroma of ribbe or skinkestek (roasted fresh ham) and surkaal didn't fill the air. If cold loin of pork is your choice, make certain that the accompaniments such as boiled potatoes, gravy, and surkaal are served piping hot." - Sons of Norway

Things I miss (written before travelling)

  • Zoe wearing my Four Star Mary hoodie
  • The A303 drive
  • Ritazza sessions with Maddie
  • Kitchen dancing with Nick
  • The Midnight Musketeers
  • Lunches with Dan in the long lounge.
  • Parkcour with Dave
  • Late night/Early morning Esso
  • Afternoon beers in the Ram/Imp beer garden in summer
  • Listening to music in my room with Alex and Becca
  • Watching endless hours of Spaced with Sam
  • Mike and I going to Costa to "read journals"
  • Dancing the night away in whorehouse with Pete
  • Drinking Kronenbourg round Danu's house during 6th form sumemr
  • Post-bombay buffet drives in Rex's cinquecento
  • You.

Dinneon. Or dinner as us Londoners call it

I made Phad Thai, I can't quite remember the recipe, so I shall try and freestyle it. Make sure you have either "to wok" flat rice noodles or some dry ones and boil them in wet stuff, then in a wok, stir fry chilli, spring onion and garlic for 1-2 min. Chuck in some pork. Keep stir frying till brown. Chuck in some cooked prawns, fish sauce, lime juice and two badly beaten eggs. Fry for another 1-2 minutes, throw in beanshoots, the noodles, parsley, and maybe something else I forgot, fry for another minute, or something. Then eat. Nice.

Rex and I also watched Empire Records, which was pretty good for a film from 1995.

Randomly concoted Luncheon Recipe# 1


  • 1 red onion
  • 1/3 yellow sweet pepper
  • brown pasta
  • can of tuna
  • hippy reduced fat mayo
  • tomato purée
  • dried mixed herbs
  • parsley
  • Thai 7 spice

1. Throw the pasta, and some water on the boil, with some dried mixed herbs thrown in for added humour. In the mean time slice and dice the onion and pepper, not too small and not too big.

2. 5 minutes before the pasta is done, use a time machine if this helps, throw some olive oil, pepper, onion, thai 7 spice and parsley into a pan, and fry it for 2-3 minutes, or however long you fancy, making sure to open windows in case the spice burns up in smoke.

3. Drain the pasta, throw in the stuff in the pan, and some good dollops of mayo, plus 2/3 nice squeezes of the tomato purée, the can of tuna, and more thai 7 spice because its awesome. Mix it all about, and the heat from things should nicely warm everything, or u can gentle heat it up.

4. Eat. Win. Be alone once more.

An establishment for the construction, repair, storage and issue of weapons and ammunition.

Apart from hacking my CV apart haphazardly, I went and met Dan and Rex in Holborn after they finished their so called "jobs". Wandered down to a Pitcher and Piano where we had a Staropramen and a feast. Though the food did take ages to come and the beer was flat, but I managed to look crazy in front of the waitress, as young Danu pointed at what table we were at, and I did a classic tom photo grin to her amusement/confusion. Meatballs and an awesome Hash Brown bowl later, we were nicely surficed, and we tackled the piccadilly line to reach our final destination: Arsenal. Awesome.

Piccadilly was massively packed, but once we finally got to Arsenal and walked to the Stadium, it was an amazing sight. It's HUGE. I didn't bring my good camera so I couldn't really show how awesome it was. Quite a big queue to get in, but we managed to get our really high upper tier seats about 20 seconds after kick off, which wasn't that bad. A surprisingly exciting match, even though only the youngsters were playing, with an average age of 19, they destroyed the ex-premiership Sheffield side. Final score was 6-0, with a hat trick from Vela, 2 from Bendtner, and 1 from Wilshere (who is just 16). A great experience, though my eyes kept expecting replays to be shown when someone scored. We walked to the highbury and Islington station, and after some confusion, got in the entrance, slow but easy journey home. Dan saw our awesome house, and we all crashed.

Oh and my CV turns out to be shit so I need to re do it.

A Wifi Stratford

"Mayor Boris Johnson has said he wanted London to become "a wi-fi city", where the internet was available anywhere.

"Let's do it, beginning in Stratford in this fantastic area of opportunity," he told BBC London 94.9, referring to the location of the main 2012 Olympic site." source

Here are some things that aren't great:

Your car being stolen.

So you ring up the police, and say. "Hey my car appears not to be where I left" to which they ask "Where might that be young man" to whence I reply "Out side my house" to Wither they reply "O Rly?, have you checked with TrackingGaMacking Jenkins" to Womble I reply, "Yes and it was not there yet" and so on, until after various phone calling all day I find out by mid afternoon that my car was towed.

This is why the lazy never prosper.

So it resulted in me getting a taxi. Because I hadn't learnt from my laziness, and because it was 3 miles away and not near public transport, to the Inpound Lot. I then filled out various forms, hacked up someones face, blah blah blah, paid £250, got my car back, and ended up where I started. Except 250 smackers down and my car halfway to West Ham, which is wear the nearest parking space of freedom is. I need a permit.

Plus the ticket machine outside doesn't work.

File Sharing

So you want to do some file sharing across a local network on your Windows XP pc aye? And it seems to be set up right, but then you try and double-click on the computer and it gives you a similar, if not exactly the same message as:

"\\COMPUTER1\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied

So you're like "shit dude, this be hella wack", so you try to go to "\\COMPUTER1\MUSIC\" manually through the address bar, and it works. Freaky. How doth one fix this? Like this:

On computer 1 got run in the start menu and type regedit. Then navigate to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA and change the value of the RestrictAnonymous to 0. Now reboot (THIS STEP IS VITAL).

Now it should work, and you love me. Good times.

It turns out

I left myself some very cryptic clues as to what I was up to today, apparently some form of pain was had, which I can only imagine was brought on by alcohol, so whatever I did participate in the previous day must have involved some laughable shizwaz. Needless to say we got a roast. I'm not sure how, possibly via a public house. I don't really remember. There was some walking involved apparently, and my back. Or we came back. WAIT! I remember. I was in Reading. We did some walking which was awesome, amongst canals. And I felt like jank. And threw up lots. And the roast was nice. And something. The photo of the canal is in the last post as my continuity is messed up. A little bit. Anyway....

When I arrived back at the house, we waited a bit, then Nina came back, made us awesome pasta, possibly with sausuage, as it was her last night here, or in fact she left that night. We drank various wines and substances, before sleeping soundly.


Don't shout.

Reading with friends

Not the verb but the place, you fools! HA HA. Anyway, after some day time tomfoolery, much of which I cannot remember, I drove my lovely car down to the abode of Kirsty, and after some confusion outside her house, I knocked and she lived there and all was right. Cracked open the beers, and young Joffery arrived, and we hugged, and kissed, and anal sexed, and everyone was happy, and Kirsty had some good footage. Waited until Kirsty's friend, Hannah, got there, and we cracked out some pizza and garlic bread. A few more beers and gin later, and we grabbed a taxi into central reading, for a fancy cocktail in a bar, where we pwned the bartender with a animated gif that Ad sent me of someone doing "you mum". Excellent.

Moving swiftly on, we found a public house, and began drinking in earnest, though pretty quickly the girls got swarmed by guys in the cockfest that was O'neils. After a few bevvys, and sitting down, amongst loads of firemen swarming round the girls, some guy the size of the Tower of London, wanted to arm wrestle me, though not too threatening, just pissed and wouldn't shut up. So I was like "sure, thrash me, whatever", well 10 minutes later he still couldn't win, and I'd got him further down than he got me (ahem) anyway, and so we both agreed a draw, and he was like d'oh. Anyway....

Next we moved on to a rockie pub for emo kids, and the such, and Hannah, Joff and I chilled on a sofa watching the kids go by as Kirsty "chatted" with a fireman friend. Eventually we exited, Hannah got a cab home, Joff and I ate some awesome burger and chips, while Kirsty and Martin (the fireman), admired the architecture of the nearby Cathedral....

Joff and I capped off the evening by sharing a cosy double bed. Yum.

Tufts of retinal scanning

The past few days have been inconsistently existential. On Wednesday, I saw the worst film ever created by anyone, anywhere, called The Romance of Astea and Caledon, or whatever. I got paid £55 for it though, still shit. Thursday and Friday probably involved a mixture of wasting my life, watching shows, washing up, cleaning, cooking, and doing your mum over and over in the back of a Clio. I don't think I even know anyone with a Clio. On the Friday, Raffle came back, so our house's energy flow finally become balanced.

On thursday I spent the entire day cooking a steak and mushroom pie, including veg, from my book. Twas pretty epic, I got away with doing many things wrong, such as not having enough time for cooking, and cooling down, as it would take 6 hours altogether, and I took about 2 hours, but it was all good. Threw it all together in a pie, then I had far too much pastry left over, so threw our very old eating apples in a pie, and laughed manically at the foolishness I used, including the wrong type of flour, sugar, lack of butter, and possibly other quandaries. Pie was surprisingly good actually, and we had it with waffles. Apple pie was alright, it had an awesome pastry apple design on top, but the use of eating apples wasn't perfect. I was quite proud of myself though. Pie was for dinner on friday as well. KABLAM.


I discovered we had a mouse. Aptly named it craig, then proceeded to construct a humane mouse trap:

In passing news

<> 12 year old boy invents world's most efficient solar cell
<> The xbox 360 outsold the Wii in Japan
<> A woman suffers an orgasm related stroke
<> Will Ferrell sucks dick
<> The Foo Fighters are taking a break, and Metallica's new album is a meh return to form.


Click image to see in techni-largeness.

Your Mystery Messiah

So the BFI turns out to be an awesome place and we should really go here many times over. Wonder if they have an RSS Feed of showings. It helps I'm being paid to drink beer, eat baguettes, and watch films though. And I'm in the heart of London. I may hit up the tate modern later on, as I'm cool and artie like that, apart from not having tight clothing.

Did you knpw I'm currently avoiding getting a job? It's most excellent. And I think it might be the time to unleash Brick on Rex tonight. HOLY SHIT! Forgot to add Brick to that list of DVDs I want. What a silly man I am.

The Thames is damn awesome, and according to Rex, is surprisingly non-polluted. Apart from the bodies of his victims obviously. Talking of large scale massacres, I'm developing a habit of holding a pen in a very "special" manner when I write, as it feels more comfortable. Must stop. I need to get back into reading, Charlotte would be epically disappointed in me. I should at least finish 'A thousand Splendid Suns". Now that's a good book title.

In other brain thoughts, though lightly filled with hypocrisy, I'm starting to like alcohol less, in some cases it's all fun and games, but I worry about our social and cultural reliance on it. Especially as a social lubricant. It's all humourous at Uni to drink your face off everday but it's starting to lose its 'cool' factor, and the underlying emo-esque messages are falling more into focus, especially when it's used as an escape. I think clarity is a virtue to be cherished, if you still have it.

If we're going all emo, I have also decide that empathy, at least over-active empathy, is a burden to people who have it. And that is all I'm to say on the matter.

Finally, my life is empty and hollow without those tectonics.

London is my only fuel.

Things I Did Today

  • Booked Fall Out Boy and Death Cab For Cutie tickets
  • Posted a variety of letters
  • Did some serious washing up, as opposed to my normal jovial washing up.
  • Put out rubbish
  • Cleaned bathroom designation #1.
  • Rang the landlord to find there is a man who will fix our mould, and the water pressure will increase, and we weren't meant to get this house, as he told the letting agent not to rent it to us, by the fools didn't listen or something and made a binding legal contract. HA.
  • Moved hoover downstairs.
Yes, I may or may not have been reading off of my to do list there. I also made awesome meatballs, and re-roasted yesterdays roast. Yum. And broke my graphics card/drivers so now sometimes my pc dies/overheats when playing Spore. Pfft. Then I watched too much Top Gear till 4am or so.

6 DVDs I want:

  • The Nines
  • Juno
  • Disney's Robin Hood
  • Disney's Jungle Book
  • High School Musical: Encore Edition
  • High School Musical 2: Extended Edition
UPDATE: I'm a spaktard for forgetting Brick (amazing film)

UPDATE 2: oh and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Today we have mostly been roasting

In fact we made toad in the hole, though we did use pancake mix, which is apparently blasphemy on facebook, either way, we ate toad in the hole with stuffing, roast potatoes and veg, plus awesome gravy, and they didn't. Epic win. We also finally got to meet zena, Shing's friend, and then watched Vantage Point, rex's suspiciously obtained film from malaysia. Was very good, well done team. Shing and zena also made some crazy carrot cake, that looked like it had shed its skin, but was pretty awesome to the taste.

We were going to go to the fireworks and parade at the festival, my laziness got the better of us, ah well.

Thames Festival

Felt a bit like someone janked in my tank from a 65 metre bank this morning, possibly a horrible combination of beer, and no food initially. Or I'm just shit. Spent a little bit of time recovering in the morning, then left quick march, with Shing and Rex to meet Shing's friend, Boon, at the railway station of Stratford. Some DLR action to Bank then we walked to southwark bridge, where we heard the food section of the festival was occurring. Huge range of food stalls, so I had some chilli chips, a sausage roll and a bbq'd sweetcorn. Met up with Jacky, then powered towards Tower Bridge to the beginning of the festival. Lots of little stalls selling all sorts of things that people like Shing buy ;) Pretty cool, there was also a huge whale, which was apparently filled with children on closer inspection, it also appeared some ageing bald guy had an ever closer look as he emerged from the whales 'slit' looking far too happy with himself. And he had his wang in a small boy. Whoa that was uncalled for. Sorry kids.

Anyway, Shing blackmailed some people into giving her helium balloons, and she rang half of Shropshire in her crazy voice. Then she took some helium and rang the rest of Shropshire. HA HA. Lollerskates, that's right kids, I'm back on form. Anyway, Rex the alcoholic made us get a pint of organic beer each, well one was a pilsner and one was regular, which we switched halfway through. Quite nice actually. Along the way there were various performances (such as punch and judy), live music etc. After more wandering along the Thames, we became peckish, and munched some epic Hog rolls, and saw some boat race people go by. Had a pint in a nice pub, on the Thames, Boon headed off and I got a sausage roll, as I couldn't stop eating. Onwards, and we came across an amazingly choreographed Korean fighting comedy, which we watched for a while. Some great moves and lots of laughs, just very hard to see over the crowd, even for someone of my great stature.

Finally came to what I was waiting for, the Parkour/Parcore/Free Running section, which had Urban Freeflow showing off some moves, including blue devil, which was pretty dope. Unfortunately, show was just come to an end, but was still sweet. Dave, we need to Parkour. Go.

Anyway, Shing then bought a cool hoodie, and we walked across the river, while taking some epic photos of the city I love with every fibre of my being. Had a nice walk to meet up with John and his brother in a tucked away pub off of Carnaby Street. A few nice beers, some people (who weren't me I add) threw up, and then we headed back to our humble abode. Great day. I love London.

Friday's Child was made of snow, his frozen hands hurt more than you will ever know

Met Rex and Shing in the maze of a station that is Canary Wharf. We wibbled around attempting to find the pub that we were going to met John at, while I stood out like a ragamuffin gangsta foo'. Damn suits. Found the pub eventually, we were all like "sup" beer me up. Asim was there as well, and we met one of their friends, Katie (from ameriland). Then some beer happened and all 3 of us somehow got quite merry/drunk after 2 beers so we did declare "to the food good sir", to which no one replied, so we mosaicked to the Slug and Lettuce. Another beer and an excellent Thai Green Curry in banana tree leaf later, we grappled with the tube system and went to see John's flat. Which is amazingly swish, though he pays 720 a month!!! We chill played with their awesome cat Kiwi, I decided to get some more beer which I didn't really drink. In an attempt to get back all the tubes started shutting down, so we fucked the police and got a black taxi back, for just 6 English pounds each.


I miss those tectonics

It feels like I'm in a state of flux, if you don't mind the Doctor Who addiction levels. I wish I was still out there, amongst all the spinning, but another part of me wants to just do nothing and vegetate. I'm all a bit fuzzy, and I miss so much, but can't focus enough to work out who or what in particular.

The world is so much bigger than all of this, and all of us. There's so much out there, it seems pointless to not like things, or to have so much negativity. Or to be alone.

Phone Photo Dump

Things I have or haven't done

Monday: Watched insane amounts of smallville, pretty good, kind of want to know what happens next, though according to all sources Lex isn't in the next series?! Main problem is, smallville keeps me up till 4am every morning, so I wake up late. Bad Tom.

Tuesday: Today I applied for a bank job. Hopefully I was more productive than just that.

Wednesday: Went to see the Dark Knight with Shing in the Finchley Road O2 centre, rex had a hurtie tummy so didn't come with us. Had a v.nice baguette and cheesecake in spoons before hand. Dark Knight is awesome, though kind of wish everyone hadn't hyped it up so much before hand. Still was very good.

Thursday: This evening we went to Asda after various amounts of confrontational drama that I tried to hide from. Still got lots of food. Played Spore a bit, its alright but a bit boring and repititive. Russ got drunk

Proof #1235 that I drink too much coffee:

Raffle: she told me that she ate my fish *frowns*
Tommeh: ah.
Tommeh: was hoping we could replace him before u found out
Tommeh: *Sighs*
Raffle: *cries*
Tommeh: *licks*
Tommeh: I made a funny!
Tommeh: fishie is alright
Tommeh: we did discover russ got a bit carried away with teh amount he fed him, but it's all gravy
Tommeh: not literally
Tommeh: well not after we changed the water
Tommeh: HAW HAW
Tommeh: *Sighs*
Tommeh: help.
Raffle: *snorts*

Spent the whole day in Ikea

Kill me now. We got a coffee table for £13, as well as a number of glasses, a storage device for towels etc, and a few other things I can't really remember. Though on first entering the store we headed straight for the restaurant, where I had some cheap fish and chips, plus a croissant. I got a cool laundry basket as well. We didn't get a sofa as it wasn't in stock, even though it said it was when we got back home. *sighs*
Confusingly, it wasn't this sofa.

'sup fuckwangles

That's right, the internet has returned to my finger tips, my toe tips and all other tips I may possess. Humour and detailed food consumption to follow...

Abandonment Issues

So Rex got a job, and hates my face, so has abandoned me. So for once I was excellently proactive, even without the internet. I wrote loads of letters in the morning, and sent them off. I deposited a number of checks and bought a security chest to sort out all my post in. I did some sneaky facebook usage, and not on my phone, even though I have an unlimited net plan on it now. I also got a cheap printer from Wilcos, it's a HP all in one shazam, and was just 29.99. Brilliant.

I also got a haircut in the Elvis barbers at the end of the road. I now look eastern european much to my dismay. Turns out it wasn't as bad as I first made out. In the evening I cooked an epic amount of rice, and Shing brought duck and various other chinese meats for a very nice meal with the house mates, Viv, Junella, Anthony (or greg as we like to know him) and Jackie. I cooked slightly too much rice. Viv and Junella brought lots of cake as well. Yummy. Spent the evening watching crazy chinese films with the fighting and the such like. Surprisingly good.

Succinct mind pockets

This I have done in the past few days:

  • Sunday: Recover from the night before, excellent bacon feast, people slowly departed, someone had sex in their face and we failed to go to the cinema in the end. So instead we played Cod4 on the Xbox till late afternoon, when the twits went home and a sense of normality resumed.
  • Tuesday: My awesome argos wardrobe came, and the fantastic team of Rex and I spent 2 hours and 45 minutes building it. Handles won't go on :(
  • Wednesday: Rex and I bust into Liverpool st, Rex stabbed up some recruitment agencies, and we met Danu for lunch, excellent Gourmet burger.
  • Thursday: Lovely BT man came, and broke into my wall via a metal spinning contraption. Hooked us all up, instant line, but we have to wait till wednesday next week for O2 to do our internet :(. Nina randomly arrived a few days early!

Updates faster than a master blaster

29th: Interview with recruitment agency, waste of time mainly.
30th: Interview with actual company, went well enough, exciting company, nice people.
1st: 2 hour 40 min interview. Grilled, recruitment lady was wrong about there being no tech questions, unsurprisingly. I care not, so to coffee and relaxation.

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