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So the BFI turns out to be an awesome place and we should really go here many times over. Wonder if they have an RSS Feed of showings. It helps I'm being paid to drink beer, eat baguettes, and watch films though. And I'm in the heart of London. I may hit up the tate modern later on, as I'm cool and artie like that, apart from not having tight clothing.

Did you knpw I'm currently avoiding getting a job? It's most excellent. And I think it might be the time to unleash Brick on Rex tonight. HOLY SHIT! Forgot to add Brick to that list of DVDs I want. What a silly man I am.

The Thames is damn awesome, and according to Rex, is surprisingly non-polluted. Apart from the bodies of his victims obviously. Talking of large scale massacres, I'm developing a habit of holding a pen in a very "special" manner when I write, as it feels more comfortable. Must stop. I need to get back into reading, Charlotte would be epically disappointed in me. I should at least finish 'A thousand Splendid Suns". Now that's a good book title.

In other brain thoughts, though lightly filled with hypocrisy, I'm starting to like alcohol less, in some cases it's all fun and games, but I worry about our social and cultural reliance on it. Especially as a social lubricant. It's all humourous at Uni to drink your face off everday but it's starting to lose its 'cool' factor, and the underlying emo-esque messages are falling more into focus, especially when it's used as an escape. I think clarity is a virtue to be cherished, if you still have it.

If we're going all emo, I have also decide that empathy, at least over-active empathy, is a burden to people who have it. And that is all I'm to say on the matter.

Finally, my life is empty and hollow without those tectonics.

London is my only fuel.


Michael 8:40 pm  

I fear you may be stalking me, for I was at the BFI and Tate Modern today, were you also at the British Museum?

BFI is a sweet place, been there plenty of times as my Dad works opposite @ the RNT. Also, when I was in there today I saw Andrew Lincoln (from Teachers and Love Actually).

Tommeh 8:55 pm  

I actually failed to go to the tate modern, going to do that tomorrow morning before my BFI showing

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