actually a piece of mud in the shape of jeremy beadle... further details later on this breaking story

slam dunk the funk

have you noticed the content of my blog has dynamically decreased in value since I've been drowning in an ever deepening pool of work?

I have, and I plan to improve the situation... just not yet.. but some day my young ruffins I will defeat Time and multiply it by a factor of Xenu.

I also need some sleep, to the red bull ->... or other generic energy drink

For all those Code Monkeys out there

Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey

For the dark lord Xenu...

I REALLY hate Tom cruise:

Cruise to eat babies placenta

tho actually in his defense (hmm) he was quoted out of context or some shit
Cruise plays down 'placenta plan' (bbc)

this is what didn't happen when me and AndrAia didn't take on Tom Cruise, or sommit blah blah, wibble

Why I hate Scientology and Love South Park

"In Scientology doctrine, Xenu (also Xemu) is an alien ruler of the "Galactic Confederacy" who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of people to Earth, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs. Their souls then clustered together and stuck to the bodies of the living, and continue to cause problems today. " - Wikipedia on Xenu

"So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!
-Trey Parker and Matt Stone, servants of the dark lord Xenu." - South Park Creators

finished enterprise

death pain anguish

a conversation I had recently

Me: yo man
The World: hey bro, whats cracking
Me: Nowt much, just hangin, u?
The World: sweet same man same, wanna play a game?
Me: sure Monopoly?
The World: nah how bout The Game Of Life
Me: sure man, wait let me just take this call...

Me: hello
Julie: heya, hows life?
Me: Its me against the world baby...

Le end... its been a weird day...

Let there be work and there was work

"argh" said Tom to God "for you have smitten me with more work than a mere mortal can finish" to which God replied "Snakes on a Plane"

now this is funny:

20 Years of Neighbours

and for my next trick

I shall introduce you to the wonderful world of Google Calendar

which has just been released and its incredibley awesome beyond any other calender thing, boo ya

further more I need a new graphics card, argh

I be teh smellage in the diskoteque

but no worries hombres. Have u noticed that u always manage to do the most stupid things when there's a hot girl nearby? I have, for instance pouring the contents of a bottle of water into your right lung, and then attempting not to cough or choke before subtly exiting the vicinity. I survived luckily, ah well, snakes on a plane.

recently work still been on la agenda as u all suspected I fear - holy crap I left my pasta boiling while I was in the shower... to the clothes applier!

ah its fine, now gotta wait for it to cool so I can quickly fridge it and then go to campus till late, then see Ice age 2 2nite, woooooooo, or some such expletive, honk.

time to write the post thats actually before this one, hawhaw

Profound thoughts of the moment

"Inferring is only obvious in the eye of the inferer" - gramatically shocking

"Nice guys finish last, but at least we can see your ass from here" - less profound

alert in a skirt!

not really but it rhymed, anyway this post is not for technophobes!.. i.e. its techy and full of links

check out OpenTopia, its catalogues or something masses of webcams and randomises them for you, tis pretty sweet

check out µTorrent, its old news but although I love Azureus dearly as a bittorrent client and it has the post features, it is made in Java. which therefore = resource hog, µTorrent on the other hand is faster than my master in a plaster.

for anyone who is new to bitorrenting, these are my 3 best sites for getting stuff, in no particular order: ISOhunt - miniNova - thePirateBay

btw downloading copyright stuff is STEALING, its bad, I do not condone it, u may go to a place that has norty ppl there... like St Pauls Cray... ooh I went there... to confuzzle the authorities a tad use PeerGuardian 2 - it stops people of authority from connecting to ur pc, tho they can still get ur IP address they can't collect evidence.

hmm this is turning into a bittorrent (wikipedia) post, though to be fair I'm sure dave could point you in better directions but that lot is from my cunning experience....anyway further techie stuff:

the municator looks cool, its a tiny pc that has 40gb hard drive, runs linux does loads of stuff and things, sites a bit jank but google it sugar.

check out I-RAM its a pci card which can have up to 4gb of ram dimms plugged into it, and can act as a hard-disk... allowing UBER quick windows boots (vid)

final few links for some people out of the "know" (all free):

  • - awesome FREE microsoft office alternative that I use as default now
  • fireFox - the best (imho) browser out there, STOP USING IE..
  • Opera Mini - the best (wop) browser for java phones, it is awesome. get it. there normal browser is damn good as well
  • sick and tired of msn messenger having ads? well hack them out of it here
  • Eclipse - if your developing java, its the best IDE u can use, much useful - plugins for other languages as well
  • a video you downloaded not working? get the klite codec pack - still not working? download VLC
  • use limewire? try FrostWire its exactly the same but removes any blocks that may be used in the future
  • download a dvd or cd image? don't mess with nero, download Daemon Tools best in the business for mounting images on virtual drives
  • bored of Task Manager and its crapness? get Process Explorer tis much better and u can search for handles if files get caught up in processes
thats the end of my completely made up as I go along tech post, note: this is my opinion of some decent apps out there, there are loads more i missed and yada yada yada,

love y'all

another brother slain...

R.I.P. Jasper "Jazz" Smith

In memory to the best dog I ever knew I've released the Jazz The Super Dog lyrics.

and so the saga continues

you may be thinking "why hasn't the great and fantastic person that is Tom posted anything on his blog for a while?" well he prolly has but ur looking at this blog instead of his, foolios. Anyway work yada yada yah

In other news I've become totally addicted to Reboot, which is annoying as there's only 4 episodes left and then I'll have watched them, people gotta get them, they so awesome and funny. Loads of computing terminology (not that that's cool) used as everyday words and so many parodies, like Evil Dead, X-files, Indiana Jones etc There's even a musical recap at the end of season 3

so I've decided I've got the 3D modelling bug, and I gonna FSU for my modelling project. Plus sometime in my spare time I wanna model all of reboot so I can do some mini eps or just sommit to look cool.

Recently I've been eating mega healthy which is good, apart from lettuce keeps fecking freezing in the fridge, not a good look. Tho I been gettin up at like 7-8 in the morning every day which is impressive all round, I did flake out at 9.45 or something last night tho, error.

Finally I had a dream last night Iwas in a zoo, but it was a special zoo for animals with tourettes...which was odd and even I was confused in the dream. Though then a big spider jumped on my neck and I was like grrr... there was a dolphin involved somewhere.

Profound Thought of the Moment:

"If we spend all our life living, doesn't that mean we spend all our death dying?" - a less profound thought by me


Freddy Flintoff, or as some people decide to call him "the post man that looks a tad like Freddy the Flintoff" was wearing a Daniel Powter hat today. Now the vexing ponderment that poses is, is he Freddy Powter or Daniel Flintoff? I suspect Freddy Powter but the odds are stacked against him...

and thats enough.

Profound Thought of the Moment:

" if we spent our entire lives thinking twice about everything, we'd only do half the things" -moi

h'okay so

I nearly posted a totally stressed out post last night about how work sucks, and I can't do enterprise at all, and its basically something I CAN'T DO.... turns out I can, or at least more than I thought I could, this arvo shall reveal more... however I'm still behind schedule, down with the system!

I've developed an unhealthy obsession with ROFLCOPTERS!!!11!!!!one!1!! which is bad, and prolly not to0 elite these days, on a relatively seductive note check out Imogen Heap, she's awesome musik artist...

I've still gotta blog about awesome trip to rexxors but I rushed off my feet at mo, what with waking up at 7, going to bed at 10.30pm, going to the gym, eating healthy, and working like a mofo...

and so I return

in a blaze of hair and more hair, and I just deleted 9gb of music, giggady giggady...

~ROFLCOPTER!!1!!! check this out

more later, must sleep. w00t

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