alert in a skirt!

not really but it rhymed, anyway this post is not for technophobes!.. i.e. its techy and full of links

check out OpenTopia, its catalogues or something masses of webcams and randomises them for you, tis pretty sweet

check out µTorrent, its old news but although I love Azureus dearly as a bittorrent client and it has the post features, it is made in Java. which therefore = resource hog, µTorrent on the other hand is faster than my master in a plaster.

for anyone who is new to bitorrenting, these are my 3 best sites for getting stuff, in no particular order: ISOhunt - miniNova - thePirateBay

btw downloading copyright stuff is STEALING, its bad, I do not condone it, u may go to a place that has norty ppl there... like St Pauls Cray... ooh I went there... to confuzzle the authorities a tad use PeerGuardian 2 - it stops people of authority from connecting to ur pc, tho they can still get ur IP address they can't collect evidence.

hmm this is turning into a bittorrent (wikipedia) post, though to be fair I'm sure dave could point you in better directions but that lot is from my cunning experience....anyway further techie stuff:

the municator looks cool, its a tiny pc that has 40gb hard drive, runs linux does loads of stuff and things, sites a bit jank but google it sugar.

check out I-RAM its a pci card which can have up to 4gb of ram dimms plugged into it, and can act as a hard-disk... allowing UBER quick windows boots (vid)

final few links for some people out of the "know" (all free):

  • - awesome FREE microsoft office alternative that I use as default now
  • fireFox - the best (imho) browser out there, STOP USING IE..
  • Opera Mini - the best (wop) browser for java phones, it is awesome. get it. there normal browser is damn good as well
  • sick and tired of msn messenger having ads? well hack them out of it here
  • Eclipse - if your developing java, its the best IDE u can use, much useful - plugins for other languages as well
  • a video you downloaded not working? get the klite codec pack - still not working? download VLC
  • use limewire? try FrostWire its exactly the same but removes any blocks that may be used in the future
  • download a dvd or cd image? don't mess with nero, download Daemon Tools best in the business for mounting images on virtual drives
  • bored of Task Manager and its crapness? get Process Explorer tis much better and u can search for handles if files get caught up in processes
thats the end of my completely made up as I go along tech post, note: this is my opinion of some decent apps out there, there are loads more i missed and yada yada yada,

love y'all


David Hulbert 10:55 am  

Nicepost there. U need 2 fix the Mininova link. Also, they're in alphabetical order!

Downloading copyrighted stuff isn't steeling it's SHARING.

How do authorities get your IP if you use PeerGuardian? Doesn't it just stop them (a blacklist of IPs) connecting to you? I guess they can see you're connected when they scrape the tracker, though can't see you're doing anything. Which I guess is your point. Silly me.

I use Apatch for patching MSN. It does loads.

For programming I use Notepad2! hardcore!

I think that Alcohol120% is better than Daemon Tools but that's only coz I've never used Daemon Tools.

Also, people want NetLimiter, AVG, Google Desktop Search + Cheese.

Tommeh 11:10 am  

I need to SHARE some death... = teh bad

I used Win32Pad as an alternative to notepad but only cos it was first one I found with line numbers

I used to use Alcohol120% but Daemon seems better and totally free legally as well

never really use netlimiter these days, tho I did forget AVG. and Google Desktop is good as long as u don't mind the random raping of resources, I don't use it anymore... I think u won the prize for longest comment on my blog though

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