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Slight hang over this morning, probably because I moshed all the liquid out of my body. Watched 10 episodes of 24 season 7 with raffle, which turned out to be frickin’ awesome, and so I am now caught up. Jack Bauer is such a legend. Happy lazy day. Then MUSKAAN. Blogged a bit, apparently not enough.

Reel Big Fish

CIMG1403 Met rex after work, beer’d ourselves up, and proceeded to an AWESOME gig by Reel Big Fish, supported by the excellent Suburban Legends, who had some excellent synchronised brass dancing. Good times. Had drinks in places around Southwark: JagerBombs and builliet bourbon etc. Then went to the bar next to the Kentish Town venue (HMV Forum), went in, met Kirsty and her friend. First time I’ve properly moshed for a while as well, got exceptionally soaked in sweat, but no injured, so win win all round really. Though I did lose my key which was a bit sad, but we got KFC in the end, which was excellent.CIMG1404

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  • sweet, rex getting jager bombs for our 2nd drink. we're so hip jesus aint got nuttin on us
  • that's some dope drinking physics right there. why does my heart hurt?
  • bourbon: the redisovery. in theatres now. mind the gap
  • hookers. and sambuca through your eye,
  • good times kids, good times. reminds of uni gigs where i end up drenched in sweat. sweet
  • KFC is a good reward for the sweat I have lost. Unfortunately the pit claimed my house key. Error.

Drowning in miniature brain snippets

  • Damn work. Sarah Connor rules. Robots everywhere
  • On pancake day boon came round and after some crazy coloured pancakes (green), we chatted about morocco for a while, as that is our next destination.
  • Yesterday, when walking into my work building, I held a door open for 2 guys, they ignored me, opened the other door, and walked through without acknowledging me. I called them a bunch of retards as I scampered up the stairs. Win.
  • There was also a Zombie riot in streets and I discovered Safari Books Online are very good, as are the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • I'm Famous Mum!:
  • Many people were protesting the world service, and/or its reduction, outside the bbc house near Holborn.
  • Booked Morocco flights for easter and became a gym member(as a sexy couple with rex) ,woo!

Apres la Bristol

Pretty tired in the morning, mainly because the sofas that try and kill us in our sleep. Went to tapas place from the first night for a confusingly nice roast, dropped Cory off, then bust on home, not too bad drive, though bit crazy through London, which Rex drove luckily.

On our arrival we all collapsed and watched more Sarah Connor, frickin' awesome if you ask me. Which you did. Just can’t remember.



CIMG1380In the morning we walked into town after a long shower routine, and I randomly bumped into Harriet from travelling, which was insanely coincidental, but very cool. We met cory in town, which began our long string of various pubs, first of all a CIMG1384pub for food, followed by the living room which is a really cool looking pub with an amazing toilet that you get to over a glass walkway. Failed numerous times to go out a boat cruise of the river and bristol, mainly due to my owe poor reading of time. Walked through the cool square by the waterfront, then went to CIMG1391something circus, the new shopping centre, and had patisserie, though I think I chose a caffeinated warm drink instead to ease the pain. Went to the Bay Horse for a pint, before returning to centre, Pitcher and Piano, where we refuelled on jugs of cocktails before hitting up a curry restaurant called TIkka flame. Pretty Good. Afterwards we went to a casino,  which filled me with soul destruction. Finally went off to ‘Start The Bus’, cool indie type bar place but we knew none of the songs. So got Subway then went home.


swear that was John Connor on the Tube…

Came home from another day slaving at those C-sharps, and grabbed MR TASTY before driving to Bristol. Unfortunately, there was a crazy stabbing by Maryland Station, so took 30 min to get back to Ham Park. Fail. Long and tiring drive to Bristol, via some dodgy places such as ilford where we thought we would get stabbed THROUGH the locked car - rex took over part way along m4, and we pulled up by Ad's house after 11. We dumped our stuff, and headed on out to a tapas restaurant for a few beers, before getting back around 1. Slept on awkward couch, that wasn’t designed for someone over 3.5ft to sleep on.

Alkaline Trio

Met Joff and Sarah for coffee, before hitting up some Alkaline Trio at KoKo near Cambden. Drank quite a lot of beer. Good times.


Just like that time back in ‘Bush

CIMG1375 Today was a designated recovery day but also got to Westfield, had awesome Vietnamese for Lunch, though coffee that was regurgitated by weasels was some what meh. We shopped but i didn’t buy anything as normal. Went to La Tasca for they’re all you can eat buffet but the kitchen was shutting in 30 minutes, 1.5 hours before the open hours said it should! *scowl*. Went to the spice buffet instead. Exceptionally EXCEPTIONALLY bad. Pleurgh.


CIMG1372 Recently I cleaned the world, before watching nearly the entirety of the new terminator series which appears to be most excellent.CIMG1365

Today we were kind of bored so decided the best course of action was to randomly go to London, so we got on the DLR with no real plan, that resulted in us getting to the Cutty Sark, walking along the river, then grabbing a pint in the classic yacht pub.  Went to another pub which had a photo of loads of CIMG1364naked people on the road outside. It was very studenty and seemed to be playing the entire Coldplay album, which I appreciated, and also got a bit drunk, so we all decided we wanted it to be our local. Maybe just me.

Shing got some crazy doughnut thing from the nearby market. Went to next pub rather than home as boon forgot his umbrella, which resulted in more beer, followed by a large amount of Noodles. Rolled back home and decided to watch a film. Love Actually, is, as usual, the perfect vehicle of destructive tendencies that plagues my every thought, and so destroys my every hope... Luckily we played a vastly hardcore drinking game. Nice.

Tapas with Dan and Tracey

CIMG1356 CIMG1358

And lots of…

Avenue Q

Underground Adventures: Undercover TFL agents are far too obvious and a small Chinese girl fell asleep while standing up on the tube, luckily she fell into me rather than the floor.

In other news Blink 182 are reforming!!!!

And i saw Avenue Q today, which was frickin’ phenomenal on all accounts, totally hilarious, not much I can say except go see it now. Except it’s stopping soon, but I hear it might be back in summer at a different London location, so check it out then.

New Computer

As I tweeted: “New computer kills all in its wake. Stand aside 5 year old technology

Quick specs:

  • Studio XPS Intel Core i7 Processor 920 (2.66GHz, 8MB cache, 4.8GT/sec)
  • 8192MB (4x1024,2x2048) 1067MHz DDR3 Tri Channel
  • 1TB Serial ATA (7200RPM)
  • 512MB ATI Radeon 4850 Graphics card

CIMG1354 Least impressive photo ever…

Shing’s Birthday

CIMG1297 Yesterday we celebrated Shing’s birthday with the normal presents, totally epic panda cake (courtesy of Rachel), and the obligatory drunken night out. So after work we slammed into Bar One for their excellent £5 menu offer, met up with some peeps and began the drinking CIMG1307onslaught. At some point Rachel ordered enough Tapas for the entire world, for herself, so naturally I had to help, and Shing et Raffle swapped dresses in the toilets for some sexual yet unknown reason. We then progressed on to Zoo bar where  Shing had reserved us a table, and we continued the drunken debauchery, CIMG1338moving on to shots of varying death and suspicion, culminating in people dancing around a strippers pole. Smooth. Eventually we got a taxi home and I didn’t throw up on in, bonus points to the Tom.

Today, after a rather spectacular recovery, we realised we had minimal food in all of our refrigeration devices and our cupboards were barer than Miss Hubbard’s, so resorted to Dominos pizza. Yums!

Events I'm going To:

Avenue Q, Alkaline trio, Reel Big Fish, Snow Patrol, Exeter, Hundred Reasons, Taking Back Sunday.

Yeah I'm cool.

Although Cajun Squirrel is a surprisingly nice flavour of crisp, Chilli and Chocolate don't quite make the cut. Tfl once more failed to understand how their own signals work, had to take the jubilee home and stew in my own anger.

To top it, apparently delivery people are just as incompetent as tfl, who are just as incompetent as my PC, which is just as incompetent as me. Nearly.

If I was House, I'd all be like

[racist comment] [witty remark] [scathing sarcasm] [tenuous link] [genius conclusion] [spiteful truth]

After another day of hellish work I bust on over to 7 dials Rex to somehow find shing a present or two, then had a romantic Italian for a moderately cheap price and some red wine over candlelight. I also performed an experiment to see if a waiter will continually crack pepper over your food indefinitely if you don’t say ‘enough’/’stop’. Turns out that eventually he will stop, but he will be somewhat bemused afterwards.

And I’m spent.

Snow way I’m going to work

Lollerskates. Yes. So today snowed. We ‘attempted’ to go to work, but failed drastically, what with the underground being filled with snowmen and happiness, we couldn’t go anywhere. So we grabbed a coffee, and returned home, to bond with Ria (our neighbour) over clearing our cars and acting like idiots. We then showed her around our house, with a coffee, and we saw her house. Her house is equal to awesome, really homely, I think we need more stuff on our walls etc. And more interesting carpets. I probably need less skanky curtains as well. I think only photos can truely justify the day:CIMG1265 CIMG1262  CIMG1246 CIMG1267


In the Morning, as the sun is dawning,

My vomit is spawning, all over your awning….

Or I’m going down the Fox for a tasty tasty roast, in your face, instead of mace, blap blap blap etc. Followed by the clean up…

White Rabbits mofos.


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