Recent Camera Porn

Dual Monitors. The set up of Kings!

This children, is the PSU that committed attempted murder on your hero...

I like how I've managed to capture a "semi-lens-flare" here, and the trees have some crazy focus going on...
Blue + Tree = pretty

See how the Great Hall offsets the landscape? That's Photography that is.

Well that was boring. Not enough excitement happening and I'm feeling quite Emo, maybe I'm going crazy without people around *twitches*


An interesting quote I have blatantly stolen from Slashdot without even a hint at acknowledging the author (emphasis untouched):

"Everyone's a sheep. Modern neuroscience pretty much confirms that most of us run on autopilot most of the time. The real question is, who's your shepherd?

I think the average Slashdotter mostly agrees with Jesus about this. The difference is, the average Slashdotter believes that he's not a sheep, and sees this as insulting. Well, reality check. You are. But who's your shepherd? If there's a single most important decision you can make in your life, it's this. Is it Jesus? Mohammad? Richard Stallman? Pamela Jones? Jimmy Carter? Al Gore? Brad Pitt? Your parents? A good friend? A friendly and knowledgeable professor at school?

A little bit back on topic, is anyone else disturbed that unwavering belief in the theory of evolution has become a litmus test for intelligence?"


I was born in a city in Bangladesh
All my homeys agree I'm the best
and the young fillies say that I'm fresh
but I wasn't really born in Bangladesh

I was born in a city in Sri Lanka
All my homeys agree I'm a wanker
and the young fillies want me to spanka...
but I wasn't really born in Sri Lanka

I was born in a city in Dubai
All my homeys agree I'm super fly
and the young fillies grin oh so wry
but I wasn't really born in Dubai

I was born in a city in London
Actually I wasn't it was in kent, and it wasn't a city, and in theory, although I say Folkstone it was actually Ashford hospital.....

Enough deals now.

I succeeded again in very little yesterday except to organise a meeting with Ed for today. I think he hates me. I see it in his eyes. Even though I haven't actually seen him yet.... I suspect its my constant stupidity and lack of knowing what I'm doing.

Which could be awkward as I'm going to ask him what I'm meant to be doing today. Interestingly I'm only in Exeter for another 7 days and with nothing achieved already, everything's going really well.... IN SARCASM LAND

Tesco lamb rogan josh is lush. Eatage. If only Ryan gigs was English. I also need to get my hair cut. What? I don't need to logically link sentences, that would be a ridiculous waste of my limited intelligence.

What is a good use you ask? Well getting 75% on a piece of coursework I did in a night, and then lost a load of it, at 6.30am and having to re do it. Classic getting away with it skills there. Which means the two modules we've actually completed, I've averaged 90-sommit and 79. Though the 90-sommit module will no doubt be scaled down cos they hate Caucasians. And who could blame them.

Those chaps at Amazon

are jolly nice. I ordered the Creative Zen Vision W 30gb mp3 player from them for £145.55 a few days ago (+ student discount and free pnp) but then yesterday the price went down to £139.99. Emailed them and within an hour I got refund for the difference (£5.56). So in total I got an mp3 player which has more features, better compatibility and higher visual and sound quality than an ipod, for only £132.72.

*thrust* woooooof

more info on their price drop policy here.

Deal Of The Day

Brand New's "Your Favourite Weapon" and "Deja Entendu" double album pack for just £7.48.

So bargainous I may have to buy it. Oh I did.

Guest poster today:

Today we have kindly been joined by Mr Irony, to deliver a post of the up most staggering quality:

Interestingly, while utilising what is commonly known as "Orange Wednesdays" for the purpose of extrapolating two motion picture tickets, to allow admission to the artistic venture known as 300, for the price of one of these aforementioned motion picture tickets, we were approached by a sprightly young lad in the employment of Vue Entertainment. He announced to us if we may partake in a scheme that had recently commenced, with which members of the proletariat may act as watchers on behalf of Vue Entertainment's work force. These chosen few should assist, with limited enthusiasm, the act of observing the fellow motion picture viewing ensemble to assess for unscrupulous members of the community who greatly despise Copyright legislation. If these selected outlaws of society are found wanting in possession of image recording apparatus and paraphernalia then hence forth the chosen spectators will report, with much haste, the preceding act of treasonous villainy to the nearest authoritative figure in the employment of Vue Entertainment. On completion of the task in hand, irregardless of eventfulness of the specified duration of observation, Vue Entertainment will relinquish the treasure-like assets of two motion picture tickets for any moving image production in the continual future.

So in conclusion, we got 4 tickets for the price of 1. Shay zam mon ami, shay zam.

What's on my shuffle today:

Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism
Heavens - Patent Pending
Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
Jamie Cullam - Twentysomething
Norah Jones - Not Too Late
The Corrs - Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection

meh, don't judge me, its helping me work.


All over your 'fro

[insert generic comment about not doing any work yet]

Turns out the PS3 is the fastest selling console. I there was me thinking it did crap cos it was still on the shelves. Turns out they made a lot.

Right well I have no inspiration and I suspect my computer may do that mysterious clunky thing at any point. So I'm off to campus, and then seeing the 300 avec la Stu and the nice people at Orange

Tip of the Day: If you have orange and want Orange Wednesdays, don't text them. It costs you 35p, if you just ring 241 its completely free and u get the text exactly the same. Winner.

A day to be annoyed with.

I'm sure at some point today I worked out an awesome introduction to this blog in my head. Unfortunately my head has the retainablity of a sieve.

Things that have made me annoyed today:

  1. The Post Office again FAILED to delivery my House Season 2 DVDs. So I went to pick it up 4 hours later from the Post Office like they said. So I went there and they couldn't find it saying "Oh we still have 2 drivers out". I was like "k man, no sweat". So I went there just now (5.12pm) and dude couldn't find it and claimed they prolly still out. REALLY? STILL? no doubt they've lost it, so I'll go there tomorrow and kick up a fuss.
  2. Last night my computer was mad wack noisy. So doing as any good Computer Scientist does, I opened it up and proceeding to poke the fan in the Power Supply Uni (PSU) to make it shut up. It did. 5 minutes later my computer overheated and turned off. Turns out I broke the fan. Bastards. So I poked some more. turns out there was still electricity in there. So after nearly dislocating my shoulder jerking away from the electric shock I went to sleep.
  3. I then woke up at like 10 instead of 7 which annoyed me some more, as did the blasted cleaner. (Hi sally!)
  4. As a continuation I then went to PC world in the morning to buy a new PSU which was 40 quid, and on top of that I bought a VGA to DVI adapter which was 15 quid!!! (and normally have so many I'm drowning in them).
  5. Fixed computer, all seemed fine. Then lots of clunking and it kept crashing....
  6. I've wasted this afternoon completely and didn't get down to the old library to work. or Gym.
  7. I'm had no Dr Pepper Today.
Things that made me happy today:
  1. Amazingly beautiful day and Just how I like it.
  2. I finally got the A Heartwell Ending album, and its good, though not had a chance to listen to much of it.
  3. My old number has finally transferred to my new phone. Woo. I'm in business
  4. I got my second 19" monitor today in ze post. Now I have awesomeness incarnate in the visual department.
  5. My PC randomly started working again, who knows how or why. I won't question it.
  6. I got my second monitor! It's sexual! Wooo
  7. I worked for a bit in the Cafe Ritazza earlier today and got some washing done

More Tower Games You Say?

Far2Narf Band Watch:

A Heartwell Ending....

you know the drill, pop emo myspace band. Teen angst times 7. Seems good? Can't find their album yet though or even a wikipedia entry. One of their songs called "If Loox Could Kill" reminds me of the ye olde Brand New lyrics:

"If looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring...."

Am I the only one

who gets the Corrs mixed up with the girls off Charmed?


Look here loyal readers

you may be quick to jump to your "informed" decisions, thinking "oh that tom there, he's only just got up at 10.51am, he's a lazy good for nothing rodent". Surprisingly although you'd normally be right, today I have thrown aside normal stereotypes and splashed water in the face of omnipotent prejudice to wake up at 8am, have breakfast, a shower, do my weekly Tesco shop at big Tesco and fix my computer from crisis already. Take that.

Needless to say, I see it fit to continue this marvelous venture without delay. Except to write this. and a bit more drivel first. For instance, did you know I can't even fill up my car for £25 when there's still some petrol in it. Thats blasphemy. Well it isn't but you get the point.

Right, now I plan to go to the long lounge to do a bit of work, as I have a suspicion that they serve tom yum goong (though I may be wrong) which is a Thai dish with prawns which is also actually the original Thai name for The Warrior King film. If I didn't rule so much I'd suck...

Addiction: Dr Pepper

Guilty Pleasure: Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around

Phone: Offline today, due to number swappage.

It's all very well

taking a pot noodle on to campus with me, but if I don't have any utensils I have to frickin' attempt to drink boiling hot pot noodlie goodness. Note To Self: I like the word frick. Use it more often.

Returning to our old foe, Daylight Savings, its also not even sunny, so the earth is not actually utilising this new daylight to the best of its abilities. Plus they haven't altered the time-restricted vending machines, just to mock me at 4pm.

No matter, thanks to actually doing some work, looks like I finally understand why Ed suggested (feel free to phase out, none AI people) to use Genetic Programming for building decision trees. The main reason I was like "w00t?" was because I didn't think he meant for doing that, so when I shot him down and he agreed with me, he must have secretly thought "duuuude, this boi be wack". Or some other gangsta related slang.

Now away with thee, I have to continue my data mining research.

Starting a campaign against saving the daylight

Though I suspect I'd regret that, cos I do like my daylight. I just also need my sleep. How did my plan go yesterday you ask? Well I reply, craply. I lost. *le sigh*

Right. So what would you do if ur kitchen bin has maggots in it?... I'm thinking of leaving it and running away? Or I could pour hot water in there *ponders* Some of them appear to be on my floor as well. Dammit.

Luckily I found a dust pan and brush...
And defeated their perimeter defenses, with one eye kept on their castle fort (bin). As any cub scout will tell you, "fuck off you old twat". With that in mind, I was luckily well prepared and had a pre-boiled kettle at hand....
Then Act 3 was a toilet scene, but for common decency I will not show that before the watershed you lucky lucky folk, much to Sam's dismay I'm sure. Ah... the life and times of me. This is how I don't get any.... SHIT PASTA... phew, its oki, and I have a nice caeser tuna salad now with no maggots in. At least I can't see any.

Oh noes!

I lost at life again, or to be more specific waking up at a decent hour so I can go to the gym and get a decent amount of work done. As now the same thing will happen as it always does, and that is I apple fritter the day away, without a care for my future.

Well not today slightly less loyal readers than 2 months ago! I'm back from black and I'm going to rehab... or whatever that crazy woman says.

You may have noticed I put a very pretentious new side box called "Greatest Hits" where I put a small selection of my best posts. Cos well, it was better than working. Its definitely not finished, as I couldn't remember 95% of my posts and I didn't have the time to go through them all. So if you're up for doing that: comment with your favourite posts.

Plan for the day? Well if you're asking:

  1. Eat Breakfast and do the shower thang (tickets £10.50 at the door)
  2. Sort out my notes.
  3. Post Items of post
  4. Research like a raggedy motherfucker
  5. Eat Lunch while researching
  6. Head back for Din Dins
  7. Research more.
  8. Win.

I'm still alive..

you say? Supposedly so, though many a myth was created in my absence where mighty foe were defeated by quick wit and an impeccable amount of poor updating of blogs. Luckily not as bad as everyone else I know, but that is nairely (<- I made this word up) the point. I decided that although I've missed a lot of updates, the longer I wait to do any, the more I'll have to do. So hopefully I fill in the space later and link back to them. If I can remember what I did.

So what have I done recently? I shall tell you via the medium of images. And words.

Tom's Past Week In Picture And Word Format:

On Saturday I went home to Orpingtonwith Sarahfor Mother's dayThere was a tortoiseI got a new phone (k800i)On Wednesday I returned to Exeter
and Alex and Iwent a drinking to Ye Olde Firehousethen watched my new copy of The Warrior King - Awesome...Today Stu and I
went to la Cinema to see TMNT. It was pretty awesomeSo take that. I updated. Now I must do something productive like sleep and wake up at 7 to go to the gym and then work all day like a rancid motherfucker. Which is ironically quite similar to how a normal person would work, just with more rancid motherfucking....


I think this balances out the other video:

Updates later... maybe.

and so

this guy totally wins, 100 year old kung fu man.

Current Status: Finally fixed my Evolutionary Algorithm, turns out Java has referencing/copying shit. So I had to clone some arrays. Bastards.

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