I'm still alive..

you say? Supposedly so, though many a myth was created in my absence where mighty foe were defeated by quick wit and an impeccable amount of poor updating of blogs. Luckily not as bad as everyone else I know, but that is nairely (<- I made this word up) the point. I decided that although I've missed a lot of updates, the longer I wait to do any, the more I'll have to do. So hopefully I fill in the space later and link back to them. If I can remember what I did.

So what have I done recently? I shall tell you via the medium of images. And words.

Tom's Past Week In Picture And Word Format:

On Saturday I went home to Orpingtonwith Sarahfor Mother's dayThere was a tortoiseI got a new phone (k800i)On Wednesday I returned to Exeter
and Alex and Iwent a drinking to Ye Olde Firehousethen watched my new copy of The Warrior King - Awesome...Today Stu and I
went to la Cinema to see TMNT. It was pretty awesomeSo take that. I updated. Now I must do something productive like sleep and wake up at 7 to go to the gym and then work all day like a rancid motherfucker. Which is ironically quite similar to how a normal person would work, just with more rancid motherfucking....


Anonymous 8:57 pm  

By nairely you mean besides, no? For some reason, that sounds really familiar...*ponders*
But yay for being alive! *squishes in a non-killing way, because that would defeat the whole point*
Wait, did you get your Mother a tortoise for Mother's Day?! If so, awesome! If not, why not?? ;P
Ooh, pretty phone, that's so unfair >< And TMNT! It was good? Only I've heard some pretty bad reviews...

Anonymous 7:59 pm  

nairley sorely means "not really"?

same way as I just invented sorely so mean "so really". Copyrighted.

Tommeh 8:23 pm  

yah its more like not really, but with a hint of barely in there to. Now, away my pretties!

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