It's all very well

taking a pot noodle on to campus with me, but if I don't have any utensils I have to frickin' attempt to drink boiling hot pot noodlie goodness. Note To Self: I like the word frick. Use it more often.

Returning to our old foe, Daylight Savings, its also not even sunny, so the earth is not actually utilising this new daylight to the best of its abilities. Plus they haven't altered the time-restricted vending machines, just to mock me at 4pm.

No matter, thanks to actually doing some work, looks like I finally understand why Ed suggested (feel free to phase out, none AI people) to use Genetic Programming for building decision trees. The main reason I was like "w00t?" was because I didn't think he meant for doing that, so when I shot him down and he agreed with me, he must have secretly thought "duuuude, this boi be wack". Or some other gangsta related slang.

Now away with thee, I have to continue my data mining research.


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