Many people would say to me

"Tom, what DVDs do you have, and what DVDs do you want"

I would then reply, "why? and also you forgot a question mark there."

To which they would say "shush foul being. For I have a vested interest/want to get you presents/love your choice of films"

Anyway, I made a list, mainly for my use, but also mainly cos I have floppy hair. Its not really in alphabetical order yet, cos the site I used is pants at doing that. Error on my part:

- will come later, cos I left my list at Uni *shakes fist*

Let there be film trailers

and there was. And they were only good. Check out some films I am suspecting may be sexy next year in trailer format:


Smokin' Aces

The Number 23

Ghost Rider




Hot Fuzz


The Simpsons Movie

Dan's Birthday Extravaganze

Unfortunately I can't seem to upload photos at the moment which is a tad annoying but I shall publish them at a later point. Went out to bromley last night to celebrate Dan reaching another 365.25 days older. We had a damn good time, and a decent amount of alcohol was embraced and now thanks to Simone's house placement I could get dragged home moderately safely.

Actually I wasn't really drunk so was cool.

bo yeah

More later, but for now I've testing out a new firefox extension called Performancing (for la blogging).

woo I just bought team america, moulin rouge, memento, butterfly effect, fight club and dodgeball all for an average price of £4.42 as well from ChoicesUK. Thanks to their sexy sale and a 5% off code. Goooooo credit card!

"Sometimes the world needs to shut up a bit"

Geek fest arama

Had a grooby night last night involving an xbox 360, a Wii and an N64 round the twits house. I think I proved I'm highly pants. The wii seemed a bit disappointing though it gave me and Dan a splitting headache for some reason, though that may have been the beer at the Harvy before we started gaming. We stayed the night then ran away to our own abodes. rock on.


Your impossible, is my "just a sec"

I have decided its time to stop laying back and not getting stuff and time to be pro-active. Not till after Christmas though ;) you knows it.

So what have I been up to? fucking shit up, that's what. We had a highly hilarious time in the Harvy on Friday night, many an innuendo and sexual joke was made and we all heartily laughed over a number of bevvys. Damn foggy as well, though I got a lift there (from Simunge's mum) and a lift back (from young Daniel).

Onwards and the next day we went avec our cars to the Estuary of Whitsable to meet Sir Rex, and no sooner had we arrived than we perambulated to a really nice pub with the best lager in I've had for ages (XXXX). After a couple of pints we returned triumphant and a Thai Green Curry was constructiminated by Adam and Rex, which was of the highest standard. Following this we drank in a relaxed manner and various 360 and Playstation games were played. good times by all, though would have been nice to do something more as a group, but still good.


It's like that time when I used Shazam has the title. and the other time I did that. and the time before that. ad infinium.

You might be thinking "Tom, my eyes need to feast upon some ever so slightly changing pictures in sequence to create the illusion of movement and animation" NO FEAR!. well actually you should fear some stuff, like lawyers and cats with lasers on their eyes and those suspiciously flexible dwarfs. But don't fear the previous thought, for I will provide you with... the new transformers trailer!!!!... oh yes baby

further more, check this out. It made me laugh:

Serious Post: Part II

hey you sexy sexy people, if, like me, you read my blog frequently and with an avid enthusiasm you may well see the title of this blog and fear the worst. Unfortunately the worse is here.

Over the past week or so my dad's been in the hospice (in Penge - like a hospital except for terminal patients), well since Sunday or so my dad's pain became much worse and they had to administer an even stronger cocktail of drugs that normal, indeed worse than a Woo Woo. So he became unconscious the whole time so he couldn't feel too much pain, my mum's been staying in the hospice 24 hours since then. Well until now,

I left the hospice around midnight this morning, that's about 6 hours ago, shite its nearly 6am. Anyway, stop distracting me u temptresses, so I messed around on the net, mocked Stu and read some comics in the bath, as you do, on my DS. at around 3ish I was in bed but heard a taxi outside, was my mum.

Dad died at around 2 something am this morning. Now I come to think of it I should of said that straight away, but you know me with my stories and use of humour as a coping mechanism *nods*. I've not told anyone yet, mainly cos all you lazy fools are asleep now, but my blog seems the best way to tell people first.

So please, if you read this, tell other people, trust me its easier to know from someone else than from the guy whose just lost his dad. I imagine anyway. Luckily I was prepared so I'm doing alright, and yeth I'm still going Rexxor's on saturday, cos ya can't keep me down :P

Just as a reference this is the original post from 2nd august. Love ya kiddies.... thats me loving you lot, not lovin your children, damn your eyes.

hey gorgeous

that's right, its time to go to the land of Orp. Where dreams are shattered and livers stabbed to destruction. no fear though, not only has my computer been on for 56 Days, 22 Hours, 22 Minutes, 40 Seconds but I leave you with this collection of interesting facts to digest:

100 things we didn't know last year


apparently denise richards threw some journalist's laptop off a balcony and it hit an 80 year old woman in a wheelchair. I drew you all a picture to help you imagine it.

Disclaimer: old woman was okay

and so the ipod juggernaught continues to eat into our lives



do you think the Wii has the technology to be able to run Half Life? what about Half life 2? I'm one of the last to say that graphics is the be all and end all, but there's being focused on gameplay and there's ignoring technological advancement?

either that or cats.

Spot the Difference

Awesome 2 days

On Sunday we traversed via an automobile to the far off pubular house of Double Locks, where 50% of our AI group didn't turn up because they thought it had been burnt down. Burnt down my ass..... not that it was actually burnt down inside my ass, cos I doubt not only would it fit but would be wildly disturbing for anyone participating. Or in fact just knowledgeable of the event.

Was a nice chilled luncheon and a drink or two. In ze evening I invade the house of Stu and we cube'd (thats the ghetto way of say we played upon the Nintendo Gamecube console). We also saw a shizer episode of torchwood.... stop thinkin about my ass!

Yesterday went to see The Holiday with Katie and Claire which was pretty awesome mainly cos I'm 50% girl and twas very much like Love Actually. Plus it had Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black in, all of whom are a veritable feast of good. We then went on to the Firehouse which was stupidly Christmassy and cosy, coulda stayed there all day.

However we didn't and I went to the impy avec Nick and Kath and Stu for Kath's b-day celebratory bash, after increasing our group number we went to Stars, which serves the goddamn best ribs ever. mmm ribs. I have no doubt some shocking photos will appear online later. We then chilled round my "gaff".

Holy Cute Panties!

a very christmassy game for a very christmassy season


you, loyal reader, need a face

And so I'm off to Double Locks, for luncheon and AI based discussion.

Currently Creaming myself over:

Death Cab for Cutie - I will follow you into the dark

Exotic Sunsets:

Wait, dammit I spelt Exeter as "Exotic" my bad *winks to the camera seductively*

Zeus says to stop bugging him

So I got back from campus at 9am yesterday, which was nice, I then slept from 10am till 10pm, and have been up ever since. I need to SLEEP during the night, seriously. Ah, well, I'll sort that out 2nite, I spent the night watching Bones and stuff.

Death Cab For Cutie, are awesome, their new album Plans is "cushty". So take that.

Ad humourously rang me drank last night, and then I made him buy like 3 games on ebay with my floppy hair. It looks a nice day today, so I might get out the house and explore the world.

It also may be time to tidy my room like a crazy ass motherfucker, and poss gym if I have the energy.


Can't chat I'm on the phone to Zeus, chatting about that time it was 4.30am and I was on campus beating the crap outta Ares while cutting down my essay.

Yeah now bitches. Caffiene is failing me, I suspect more coffee is needed. Its slowly being reduced and I've just about done my matlab. Stu and Dan as company rock, though the fact I'm giggling quite often in a high pitch voice may help.

oh yes.

A small update for you lovely lovely children

Thats right kids, I've peaked at 5500 words, though 500 of that is references, so in fact 5000. Then I cut it down to like 4000, but now I've written more so its up to like 4500.

Stupid amount of stuff to write, even me seducing Ed failed to increase my word limit. Which I note is 3000 + 10% lee-way + as much as I can get away with but don't tell Ed

Now I shall work my ickle socks off. away with thee

hey you. aren't we bashful today

You'll be glad to hear I've just got back from the old library basement where I've been working on my essay since 9.30, thats 6 hours and I've managed to write 3000 words.

Whoa tom, you might say, "awesome, you've finished" unfortunately not fair maiden for in the confusion I've only written half my essay in those 3000 words, and I have so many papers to include my soul is destroying me. And before anyone mentions "blah blah blah only need to use a few blah blah blah you don't need to use them all" yes I bloody well do. So there.

So in conclusion, you, me, a bucket of AI papers and the department till late. You knows it. *sigh*

I need to go organise my papers on my floor now cos my brain can't cope with them in a folder. oh and in case it all feels futile, check out my 43Things and 43Places linked to on the right after all the links.

hey I've got a new challenge for David Blaine

Try not to be a prick for 5 minutes.

Whoa dunno where that came from, bit scathing really. Check This:

That's a pile of UK Wii's don't ya know it.

Yes I know I should be working, I'm just having some lunch cos apparently the electricity in the cafe Ritazza is the sort that doesn't charge my electric. The non-existent kind.

Experiment 1

Aim: To see if I can work all day, efficiently and continuously from 9am till 11pm.

Assumptions: That I do not get distracted by, my DS, the internet, moving objects, breasts.

Minor objectives: Write my essay in full, so that for the next 2 days I'm just improving the basic content.

Requirements: Sandwiches, Caffeine, Skillery and no tom-foolery.


New Halo 3 trailer makes me wanna get an Xbox 360:

it was like that time I did no work and wondered why I hadn't done my essay

just like that time I went "BOOM" and a hundred kids died and then there were people crying and screaming. Understandably really as I'd just murdered 100+ kids in plain sight of everyone, and the mess it would cause, professional cleaning is so expensive these days. Have you noticed? I mean what do they do more than I could do with a mop and some sponges. Okay so kid blood is slightly adhesive, but seriously, with all the tears it'll stay wet before someone grabs some kitchen roll, and then you can DAB PEOPLE DAB, don't rub for fucks sake. Useless, maybe this is why we need professional cleaners, anyway I then had to find a way home as the blood had run onto the tube tracks and thats always a safety hazard. So the tubes were delayed AGAIN which had a knock on affect for the trains, and the buses, and I'm suspecting at this rate the rollerskating community. I don't know why I bother sometimes.

So how was your day?

ROFLicial Intelligence

check this out, if you haven't, funnie:

I also thought I would include this little humour from Weird Al's site that cracked me up (from a FAQ):

Kevin of Lexington, Ohio asks: I thought I had heard a rumor about the upcoming album being your last one. Is there any truth to this?

Absolutely not. "Poodle Hat" was my last album. My upcoming album is my next one. I don't know how these silly rumors get started.

Artificial Intelligence Joke of the Day:

LOLcycle Pump

Sexual Consent (pssst its a link y'all)

you, my dear, smell of face

I'm tired. but awake. take that buddha!

Luckily my next port of call is the Cafe Ritazza in about 5 minutes, for coffee and to wash some clothes. Not that I'm gonna wash my clothes in the cafe, cos that would be stupid, and lacking in class. So instead I'll wash them at the next door laundry room.

Today is my day to write notes on all my research, after this I plan to write 3000 words tomorrow. Then on monday do my matlab. Then on Tuesday fix the 3000 words of crap that I wrote on Sunday. then on Wednesday panic because I probably haven't followed this plan of action in the slightest and will still have 3000 words to write.

Rumour has it I also have to go the fabled Old Library today. I don't know if its even open though. oh wait yeah it is but staffing ends at 12.45, crap.

I think I have smoothie up my nose.

Films to See:

  • Saw 3
  • Borat
  • Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny
  • Eragon
  • The Holiday
  • 300
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Transformers
  • The Simpsons

Luckily I'm going to see The Pick of Destiny now.

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