Awesome 2 days

On Sunday we traversed via an automobile to the far off pubular house of Double Locks, where 50% of our AI group didn't turn up because they thought it had been burnt down. Burnt down my ass..... not that it was actually burnt down inside my ass, cos I doubt not only would it fit but would be wildly disturbing for anyone participating. Or in fact just knowledgeable of the event.

Was a nice chilled luncheon and a drink or two. In ze evening I invade the house of Stu and we cube'd (thats the ghetto way of say we played upon the Nintendo Gamecube console). We also saw a shizer episode of torchwood.... stop thinkin about my ass!

Yesterday went to see The Holiday with Katie and Claire which was pretty awesome mainly cos I'm 50% girl and twas very much like Love Actually. Plus it had Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black in, all of whom are a veritable feast of good. We then went on to the Firehouse which was stupidly Christmassy and cosy, coulda stayed there all day.

However we didn't and I went to the impy avec Nick and Kath and Stu for Kath's b-day celebratory bash, after increasing our group number we went to Stars, which serves the goddamn best ribs ever. mmm ribs. I have no doubt some shocking photos will appear online later. We then chilled round my "gaff".


Anonymous 2:12 pm  

...which was pretty awesome mainly cos I'm 50% girl
LMAO. I'm not quite sure why I find this so funny, especially when there's all the ass comments to be focusing on, but this just made me burst out laughing. Well done.

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