it was like that time I did no work and wondered why I hadn't done my essay

just like that time I went "BOOM" and a hundred kids died and then there were people crying and screaming. Understandably really as I'd just murdered 100+ kids in plain sight of everyone, and the mess it would cause, professional cleaning is so expensive these days. Have you noticed? I mean what do they do more than I could do with a mop and some sponges. Okay so kid blood is slightly adhesive, but seriously, with all the tears it'll stay wet before someone grabs some kitchen roll, and then you can DAB PEOPLE DAB, don't rub for fucks sake. Useless, maybe this is why we need professional cleaners, anyway I then had to find a way home as the blood had run onto the tube tracks and thats always a safety hazard. So the tubes were delayed AGAIN which had a knock on affect for the trains, and the buses, and I'm suspecting at this rate the rollerskating community. I don't know why I bother sometimes.

So how was your day?


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