Your impossible, is my "just a sec"

I have decided its time to stop laying back and not getting stuff and time to be pro-active. Not till after Christmas though ;) you knows it.

So what have I been up to? fucking shit up, that's what. We had a highly hilarious time in the Harvy on Friday night, many an innuendo and sexual joke was made and we all heartily laughed over a number of bevvys. Damn foggy as well, though I got a lift there (from Simunge's mum) and a lift back (from young Daniel).

Onwards and the next day we went avec our cars to the Estuary of Whitsable to meet Sir Rex, and no sooner had we arrived than we perambulated to a really nice pub with the best lager in I've had for ages (XXXX). After a couple of pints we returned triumphant and a Thai Green Curry was constructiminated by Adam and Rex, which was of the highest standard. Following this we drank in a relaxed manner and various 360 and Playstation games were played. good times by all, though would have been nice to do something more as a group, but still good.


Anonymous 4:43 pm  

Estuary of Whitsable
*sniggers* Oh, Rex is not going to be pleased with you...

though would have been nice to do something more as a group
I concur. I think we all need to come up with some group drinking games, in preparation for New Years Eve *nods*

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