Now, you say you’re lonely…

CIMG1607 I heard from reliable sources that Rex, Shing and I went drinking today. Followed by Surfing on the tube. During which we broke one of the sexy coors light glasses that we pinched from Holborn Spoons. I do believe, if my memory serves me, that some other people may have been there, possibly Jon and Pete. We may have even started at the Bierodrome, or somewhere else of reputable reputation.



Brain Thoughts

  • Today has gone faster than robot jesus on a tricycle. In disappointing news, Ad has bought an iTouchMyselfEveryNight
  • Apparently trying to get to work earlier takes much longer, and the tube was so busy I ended up bumming a hot indian girl the whole way
  • I should probably tell someone that the tower dispenser in the toilets is actually a cunningly disguised cattle prod
  • I now have my Bupa forms. therefore i am, by default, immortal.
  • I think gmail has been weakened by the rain that is apparently lashing down on it, and is having trouble scrolling in a timely manner
  • For some reason, the fact our building is having power outages, is breaking our water supply, so we can't flush the toilets
  • Luckily, to spite me, Karma made me splash boiling hot free coffee in my face. Damn you Zeus
  • Rofl, our build server has spazzed out beyond all sensible belief. To the ground it shall burn!!!!
  • lollerskates - Mythbusters shatter windows of a village over a mile away:
  • just elbow dropped someone in the head on the tube. classic
  • Elbow hurts….
  • mike: "did u just upload a vid called tom and mike's vulva?"
  • crazy drunk on tube trying to communicate to a baby via the medium of song. baby appears more intelligent than him. possibly me as well.
  • my hair just tried to take route in my eyeball, u can't live off eye juice fool!
  • Not sure everyone in the office is as sexually active towards twitter as I am. It likes it fast and witty...

Just to live in a dream…

CIMG1566Woke up a little bit worse for wear and wandered onward to explore the lovely city centre, before bumping into Jacq in starbucks where I somehow scammed the smoking hot barrister there for my free coffee before 2pm. She was American I think. Met up with Stu and Kath in Zizzi after CIMG1592chilling in a park for a while, had a jolly nice pizza though was jealous of Kath’s fold over one (Calzone). Went to spoons and started drinking with Stu. Errors. Met up with the others in Oddfellas later one and had lots more drinks, people died, much humour existed, and there was a really hot girl there, unfortunately she had a boyfriend. Curses.



I think I mostly recovered enough to drive home today, but I also checked out Exeter’s beautiful cathedral green, and noted a local pub ripping off Costa’s logo on their chalk board..

CIMG1600 CIMG1598

If I were a painter…

After kinda drifting through the day, in the evening I drove to Exeter after work with Greg and Shing, not to bad trip to be honest, but just getting out of London was quite traumatic for everyone involved, I really need to sell my car I think. Dropped them off at Junella’s house and hit up the Thistle Hotel, very excellent yet somewhat too posh for me, though I got my room for 40 quid a night or something, and behind the desk they were going for £120. Definitely not worth that much by any stretch of the imagination. Ran and met stu in the Spoons(Impy) for last hour or so of drinking which was cool as it wasn’t busy and I swear the same bar staff are working there still. Afterwards we went back to the hotel, where it turns out I misread a sign and got my car clamped, so I had to pay for that to get unclamped, and then move it into a disabled space where it WAS legal to park in… somehow. Anyway, to drown my sorrows, we went to my hotel’s bar which turned out to have a 24 hour bar.


We drank till some stupid hour like 4am. Good show.

Scream: ‘why why, I can’t understand’

CIMG1563 Yesterday Rex and I met up with Danu after work in Belgo/Bierodrome for some nice Guinness, as I do believe it was St Patrick’s Day. Following which we went to the Thai restaurant just around the corner from Holborn station. Jolly yummy. Finished up in the Spoons, which had run out of Guinness much to my dismay.

CIMG1562Today however, we went to see Watchmen at the stratford Picturehouse. Before hand we attempted to have Pizza Express, but they didn’t get our food made in time, so we just had to go, they were nice enough to give us our beer for free though. I think we were meant to  go back after the film though, whoops. Watchmen was really good, though a bit too much blue wang if you ask me. And you probably will.

Snow Patrol

Just saw Snow Patrol, support acts were pretty rubbish, but they were extremely amazing. The applause after Run was sensational, never seen anything like it, and you could tell they were pretty emotionally hit in the face with it. Great atmosphere. Good production and lighting as well. Thoroughly recommend it. I suspect I might be listening to them non stop for a while.CIMG1559CIMG1557CIMG1533


Port Lympne’s Red Panda

I’d collapse before you do…

Went back to Orpington to see mommy, and show her photos of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, at some point I’ll get all the way through all my travel photos. To do that I might have to stop travelling and see mother more.

Today we went to Port Lympne animal park, and went on the awesome African Safari. Very good idea, I’m not really sure how better to describe it than to throw loads of photos at your retinas. CIMG1514CIMG1494 CIMG1476CIMG1468

Steampunks in your underwear.

CIMG1431 I swear the office is some form of New Zealand v Australia face off. It’s like west end story but with boomerangs.

Even greater than that awesome joke, is the fact I managed to get Brand New tickets, which in hindsight was amazing as they sold out in 15 minutes or less, as Joff didn’t managed to get any :( After work, in celebration, I met up with Shing, and we stormed into the Slug and Lettuce for CIMG1426 some food and drinkies, before finding a crazy pub called the Pillars of Hercules, where we had a nice crammed pint, and then mooched onto the Porterhouse to see Rex. The Porterhouse is fantastic, brew all their own beer, and looks amazing inside, all brass and slightly steampunk, though not really.

As normal we ended up in KFC on the way home, much to everyone’s rejoice.


It’s the only face I want to see….

Yesterday we went and saw We Will Rock You, which was awesome and huge and in my face. Turns out I do like a lot of Queen music, which was lucky really. The lead girl was exceptionally hot as well, so bonus points for her, right in her Union Jack panties….

Today I have mostly been failing to get Brand New tickets, it’s fine though kids, your 1st born children are safe from my Wrath, as it was only the pre-sale, they actually come out on Friday.

Lock ‘em up.

A Brand New Start

Really really hate work right now. It’s not a good time to be a Tom, and I think that Curry buffet broke every part of my insides that are required for normal existence on this plain of existence. Curse you Brick Lane. *shakes fist with vigor*

In other fantastic news that has kept me going so I don’t murder everyone, it turns out Brand New are playing London the 27th June. Man I need to get those tickets badly. More badly than Rex’s entrance music. In other news, I did some excellent hacking of ISA to move from shitty shitty Nationwide to much more satisfactory Natwest. Seriously, how is a loyalty Members ISA really offering 0.5% interest, and Natwest normal e-ISA is offering 3.5% with no stupid withdrawing limits?!

Vomit induction

Bit bored, so we went to Brick Lane, weather was appalling and we walked all the way down, then back up, and foolishly settled on a curry buffet. Which was totally terrible, and just wanted to go home and forget it all ever happened. Yet I insist on blogging to tell you lovely chaps and chappettes not to go to any buffet places on Brick Lane, stick to the curry houses that try and drag u in with promise of free booze. Do it.

Dignity and More….

Went to Boon's for a classic Steamboat - ah the memories of Ad going grey from the one we had in Malaysia. Was very tasty anyway, and we were all jovial and the such like. Afterwards I bust on out into Victoria to meet Katie in a coffee vendor while she was on the way through, had an awesome chat with her. Afterwards I then met up with Rex and we traversed to the Ship Tavern in Holborn, which has a very good rating according to my phone, was pretty good, though extremely tiny. Moved onto the Princess Louise which is very weirdly laid out, with small walled off pockets with lots of doors in between, all around the bar area. They only sell their own brand products as well, which is interesting but pretty cheap, I think work peeps go there a lot. Next on to the Beirodrome which was a bit expensive, but surprisingly close to my work, it’s not very noticeable though. Moved on to Mcdonalds near Charing Cross to recharge our hunger motors, and finally had 1 in Bar Ha Ha before heading home. I apparently forgot to take any photos, so that’ll show everyone what for.


Saw your face, the other day…

CIMG1407Met for drinkies after getting insanely high off caffeine and trying to organise people on waterloo bridge, I ended up babbling quite a lot really. I mainly blame taking advantage of the unlimited free coffee I can get from Starbucks by switching between branches.  Eventually met up with everyone (Rex, Shing, Boon, Hess and Beth) in the Holborn Pitcher and Piano. The entire evening basically transcended into lunacy focused mainly on the creative catalyst which is the Jager train!



Pretty in urine

Pretty pissed off today that I had insomnia last night and failed to once more get up early. Yesterday, we faffed around a lot, went to town to get some waffles, unfortunately no locksmiths were open for me to get a new key. We drove to Dan and Tracey’s so we could discuss Peru and all the cunning plans we have. Found a great Gap Adventure tour, so excited about that opportunity. Also found decent priced flights. Had some meaty dominos pizza and watched some film that was possibly funny and 3D animated but I can’t really remember.

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