If I were a painter…

After kinda drifting through the day, in the evening I drove to Exeter after work with Greg and Shing, not to bad trip to be honest, but just getting out of London was quite traumatic for everyone involved, I really need to sell my car I think. Dropped them off at Junella’s house and hit up the Thistle Hotel, very excellent yet somewhat too posh for me, though I got my room for 40 quid a night or something, and behind the desk they were going for £120. Definitely not worth that much by any stretch of the imagination. Ran and met stu in the Spoons(Impy) for last hour or so of drinking which was cool as it wasn’t busy and I swear the same bar staff are working there still. Afterwards we went back to the hotel, where it turns out I misread a sign and got my car clamped, so I had to pay for that to get unclamped, and then move it into a disabled space where it WAS legal to park in… somehow. Anyway, to drown my sorrows, we went to my hotel’s bar which turned out to have a 24 hour bar.


We drank till some stupid hour like 4am. Good show.


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