Scream: ‘why why, I can’t understand’

CIMG1563 Yesterday Rex and I met up with Danu after work in Belgo/Bierodrome for some nice Guinness, as I do believe it was St Patrick’s Day. Following which we went to the Thai restaurant just around the corner from Holborn station. Jolly yummy. Finished up in the Spoons, which had run out of Guinness much to my dismay.

CIMG1562Today however, we went to see Watchmen at the stratford Picturehouse. Before hand we attempted to have Pizza Express, but they didn’t get our food made in time, so we just had to go, they were nice enough to give us our beer for free though. I think we were meant to  go back after the film though, whoops. Watchmen was really good, though a bit too much blue wang if you ask me. And you probably will.


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