Yo, so I've got insomnia and just realised I've forgotten to feed you guys for an excessive amount of time. Get ready for a possible taste/word explosion on here, hopefully, very soon. I'd like to go back to decent blogging, just so that I remember my irrelevant yet altogether egotistical type in London as a "Young Professional™". Is it good or worrying that I have now memorised the alt code for the trademark symbol because I use it so much?

My main thrust is that my twitter count has just hit 2000, but it's such a "in the moment" thing, or transitive as some people might say, that it's pretty pointless unless you know about 20 real life friends who regularly use it to prattle on about random incidents, in a manner such as yourself. For instance today I managed to basically punch an old lady in the head in the Royal Albert Hall. Without this blogpost that fact would be lost in the ether of tweetdom, and so the evidence for my undoubted prosecution.

I am also in the phase of wondering if it's worth joining the vlogosphere. But I'm lazy, scared to show my face, and I also talk like a reanimated chimp corpse, none of which is too appealing for anyone to watch, let alone me to record. Unless I'm providing the voice over for one special little doggy. Enough with this anyway, it's 2am and I need to attempt to sleep via my technique of looking into my eyelids until I can make out images, which is like my backdoor to dreamland. It works surprisingly often, in the same way that I blog surprisingly often....

P.S. the old woman was fine.... until Adam threw up on her.

P.P.S I'm on my netbook and there is no way I can be bothered to bold up random words using a touchpad.

Vacating on bank time

Faffed for the majority of the day, doing what I do, then slammed into town to meet ad at South Ken for an Albert Hall based spectacular thanks to Opeth. Grabbed a healthy dinner from the evil brunt of Starbucks while watching the people swan by and waiting for ad. Once he exploded onto the scene, we navigated through all the metal heads to find the venue, me looking like an out of place skater kid and Ad a townie. No matter, we cut it surprisingly fine due to a mis read ticket, so we basically got a DC and sat in our seats. Damn also view, although near the very top we were right in the middle, even if the seats are remarkably cramped in the RAH.

overall the gig was very big, if not a bit too much opeth, they basically played for 4 hours with a 15 min break in the middle. And although I liked all their songs that go twangle twing dowahwahwoo, even ad agreed these were minority to screamy songs. Still was very good and I enjoy the RAH. got home a bit late because that's the way the cookie crumbles:

Humourous anecdote: first half opeth didn't say a word, apart from once saying "shhhhh". In the second half he got pretty chatty, before one song he said this little snippet "we're gonna play this one just because we're in the RAH, it's a fast one... it's kinda shit"

You Know What Time It Isn't

A small sleep in to allow a little recovery time, but when you go to bed at 4.30, 10.30 isn't that late of a lie in. Eventually stu and I burst forth into the void to wander around for 15 minutes waiting for everything to open. Unfortunately when we did choose, we decided on the goose, which although turned out to be pretty terrible. Except for my cheese and Bacon smothered/drowned wedges. Yummy. My heart hurts a bit. I then bid farewell to the stu and went home to die, and have a nice afternoon sleep, which helped a bit. I was naughty and ordered a large dominos meltdown revenge, garlic pizza bread and chicken kickers.... my god that was the hottest damn pizza ever, Rex was taken out by a bite of it. It was moderately alright, but just hellfire in ze mouth. Obviously the only way to get over it was to play High School Musical Dance! On the 360 until the early hours. Good fun, even if the back pad is so hard to consistently hit, but at least troy is a dreamboat even in computer generated form. We played through all 29 songs on medium difficulty before the night was out.

Saturday In The Face, Loving Mace

Today I was exceptionally recovered, just in time to faff the day away, have a few quick yet confusing games of fifa, before meeting Stu up Euston. Where we won repeatedly at finding alcohol. Checked out Mabel's Tavern for a brew and a New York chicken mouth explosion. Then crawled (or limped in the case of stu) towards Angel, stopping in at drinking establishments such as the Euston Flyer, that weird place that had a DJ playing American country songs last time we went there, a pub that was entirely empty and showing the boxing, followed by the Angelic.

At this point I formulated a plan which had us end up in Liverpool St with a desire to go to urban bar. I initially attempted to make Stu walk there but magically we were presented with a lone bus stop in a back street, which served just one bus, and it happened to go straight outside Urban Bar. There was even shelter from the rain. On arrival we beered up, shing arrived, we popcorned up, bust some tunes on the juke box, broke it, got free tunes, was then harrassed while selecting them by some crazy world withered woman, before running back to our table. Stu died from salt intake via pop corn. At around 2.30 we formulated a plan of buying Budgin's pizza and watching the new Doctor Who. Which I thought was really good, perhaps just for the little red lovely in it. The other two had very little opinion on it as they basically slept through a lot of it, with some surprising open-eyed snoring by Shing. Unbeknownst to us, the pizzas had around 92% of our sodium allowance for the day.

Friday's Folies

Magnificently still felt a bit off today, but soldiered on and bust out some Kick Ass film watching with Chez Star, Ad and Greg. Very good film, exactly what was required, even if there were some cringeworthy parts. "What are the Stratford cinema frequenting public like" you ask? "A bit special", I reply. Afterwards we bust up the King Eddies for a scrumptious meal of fish and chips, and a few bevvys before retiring for the evening. Though not after shing and I watched The Hangover. Also a very good film, I thoroughly recommend it, even if the person you watch it with keeps falling asleep!

Thursday Troubles

Felt like absolute hell/still impractically drunk and with the added disadvantage of still having to go to work. Had an informal quartely review, luckily located in Costa, unfortunately, although it was really good and I jabbered away well, the americano I had trebled the pain I was in, and my need to vomit. Oh, I did that last night as well. Needless to say I couldn't face the wrap I got for breakfast, but still, for some reason, thought I could take a huge roast and a beer at lunch... well I survived but I looked astronomically bad, as everyone kept pointing out, much to my disallusionment. To make matters worse I somehow got roped into explaining our most complicated story at demos to the whole company *shakes fist*. In the evening I had to die as opposed to go to Andy and Lucy's; felt pretty guilty about that one as it was self inflicted. Played some xbox with an ill Danu and then collapsed asleep.

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