Vacating on bank time

Faffed for the majority of the day, doing what I do, then slammed into town to meet ad at South Ken for an Albert Hall based spectacular thanks to Opeth. Grabbed a healthy dinner from the evil brunt of Starbucks while watching the people swan by and waiting for ad. Once he exploded onto the scene, we navigated through all the metal heads to find the venue, me looking like an out of place skater kid and Ad a townie. No matter, we cut it surprisingly fine due to a mis read ticket, so we basically got a DC and sat in our seats. Damn also view, although near the very top we were right in the middle, even if the seats are remarkably cramped in the RAH.

overall the gig was very big, if not a bit too much opeth, they basically played for 4 hours with a 15 min break in the middle. And although I liked all their songs that go twangle twing dowahwahwoo, even ad agreed these were minority to screamy songs. Still was very good and I enjoy the RAH. got home a bit late because that's the way the cookie crumbles:

Humourous anecdote: first half opeth didn't say a word, apart from once saying "shhhhh". In the second half he got pretty chatty, before one song he said this little snippet "we're gonna play this one just because we're in the RAH, it's a fast one... it's kinda shit"


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