Saturday In The Face, Loving Mace

Today I was exceptionally recovered, just in time to faff the day away, have a few quick yet confusing games of fifa, before meeting Stu up Euston. Where we won repeatedly at finding alcohol. Checked out Mabel's Tavern for a brew and a New York chicken mouth explosion. Then crawled (or limped in the case of stu) towards Angel, stopping in at drinking establishments such as the Euston Flyer, that weird place that had a DJ playing American country songs last time we went there, a pub that was entirely empty and showing the boxing, followed by the Angelic.

At this point I formulated a plan which had us end up in Liverpool St with a desire to go to urban bar. I initially attempted to make Stu walk there but magically we were presented with a lone bus stop in a back street, which served just one bus, and it happened to go straight outside Urban Bar. There was even shelter from the rain. On arrival we beered up, shing arrived, we popcorned up, bust some tunes on the juke box, broke it, got free tunes, was then harrassed while selecting them by some crazy world withered woman, before running back to our table. Stu died from salt intake via pop corn. At around 2.30 we formulated a plan of buying Budgin's pizza and watching the new Doctor Who. Which I thought was really good, perhaps just for the little red lovely in it. The other two had very little opinion on it as they basically slept through a lot of it, with some surprising open-eyed snoring by Shing. Unbeknownst to us, the pizzas had around 92% of our sodium allowance for the day.


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