Thursday Troubles

Felt like absolute hell/still impractically drunk and with the added disadvantage of still having to go to work. Had an informal quartely review, luckily located in Costa, unfortunately, although it was really good and I jabbered away well, the americano I had trebled the pain I was in, and my need to vomit. Oh, I did that last night as well. Needless to say I couldn't face the wrap I got for breakfast, but still, for some reason, thought I could take a huge roast and a beer at lunch... well I survived but I looked astronomically bad, as everyone kept pointing out, much to my disallusionment. To make matters worse I somehow got roped into explaining our most complicated story at demos to the whole company *shakes fist*. In the evening I had to die as opposed to go to Andy and Lucy's; felt pretty guilty about that one as it was self inflicted. Played some xbox with an ill Danu and then collapsed asleep.


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