I'm sure by now ladies and gentleman you know what a wonderful event this is. Drink price fluctuations, alcohol coming out you're eyes. The whole shabang. With added skillery me and stu went into the Lemmy at 5.30 to start our night of drinking. Little did I know the pain that would ensue.

By 9 the market opened, and drink flow increased. Chloe and Alex also turned up and we carried on the consumption. Soon after this the lemmy was the shut and we paraded off to my abode for a higher rate of beverage. Apparently Stu was insulting Chloe, I have no doubt. We ended up drinking till 6.30am, which = way to late to stay up to drink.

So now I feel like a monkey has snuck into my stomach and bred lots of ickle half monkey half alcoholics in there. The bastards.

British Mac Ads with Peep Show guys

I was like cool

Then I realised they were crap cos they just copied the US ones poorly.


I wish I was doing something awesome with my life instead of wasting it doing not much. Like I know I'm doing my masters, but meh I just seem to spend half the time watching youtube(kitty and more kitty) or getting nothing productive done.

And now I'm jealous of my mum cos she might be going rambling all around the world, like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc. Talking of New Zealand, young Rexxor has just penetrated its border with great success. *tips hat to rex who he is also jealous of*

However I did watch Brick today which was seriously good, cheers Icelandic Dan for suggesting that. I also watched the latest ep of Smallville which blatantly rips off an episode from Buffy.


I really wanna see the Green Wing Special that I missed. But the DVD is mad wack expensive.


There's a considerable difference between being atheist and being anti-Christian. Learn it people.

Some people get almost religious, with a fanatical hate for religion. Thats not the way to be, unless you plan to enter the miss/mr ignorant pageant 2007.

Where are my elephants?!

Said Tony Jaa after knee fucking you in the skull. Cos thats how he rolls. I bought Ong Bak today for 4 quid from Virgin. now thats bargainous. I also got ripped off my streetsonline (woolworths) so I shall have to beat them up, as I will now end up with a duplicate order sent to me.

Sports Update: Arsenal came back to destroy Man United, so I am feeling the win. Except van persie somehow broke his foot between the end of the match and the dressing room. O'Sullivan got back to his old awesome self and one the Saga Masters. And Murray lost to Nadal, only because he fell apart in the 5th set.

crazy? I'll tell you whats crazy

The amusing interludes of one Tom Barker, back then everyone had a specialty. I for one am a blogger, watch me leap through this hoop of wit:

That's right! It appears my browser is running slow, so I need to clear off some of the tabs I was gonna put in here, so first of all

Not Safe For Work In Your Eye

And then, for all my blind readers (sniggers), check this out, u can see with your tongue!

FACT: Dog owners lead healthier lives.

FACT: I want a punch bag

FACT: I hate websites that won't let you send things to your non-card address. down with the system.

darn wizz, run out, er.......Play me off Johnny!


I can see this being very annoying for the length of time its on my front page....

It was, so now instead:

oooh arrrrr

Saw Miss potter last night avec Sam and Alex, twas surprisingly good, especially for getting free tickets cos we got seated at the front when we specifically stabbed them in the face with a knife made of the middle. I not sure I wanna see Smokin' Aces anymore cos I hear its a bit like dirty dirty granny pants

Then we chilled back here with some bevvys and family guy, cos thats the way we roll. and then I woke up at a 'tard time this morning. Grr.

To cheer me out, check out Brand New on Letterman:

My In-complete list of hot red-heads

Alyson Hannigan
Kari Byron
Jennifer Morrison
Lindsay Lohan

Now let me finish my Neural Network coursework you god damn hippies

So dear reader

It would appear that all the file servers on campus broke. This sucks if you saved your coursework on your user space.

If, on the other hand, you are consistently awesome, like me, you saved it to your usb stick so can carry on unaffected. *nods and wins* So I managed to get some of my Neural Networks done, but to cheer you up check this out:

Okay stop checking it out now. I'm going to see the Pursuit of Happiness. Will Smith makes me jolly.

Whoa, now that's pretty

omg rofl

Gory fight extravaganza, hilarious


Computer Science has as much to do with computers, as Astronomy has to do with telescopes.

And Artificial Intelligence has as much to do with robots, as Computer Science has to do with computers.

Computer science is not about fixing computers. Or making computers. What is it? If I could describe that I wouldn't be telling you what it isn't. Wikipedia on the other hand says:

"Computer science, or computing science, is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems."

In relation to this, choose me a project to do! From here

Like OMGz !!!11!!!one!11!1!!

In late august of 1972 in a town near Staffordshire, a small orphaned girl who lived in dire poverty was desperately searching for some water for her terribly parched lips. She stumbled into a wooded area, where she found a well, she was about to use the last of her strength to pull up the bucket from the bottom of the well, when an evil and wicked local businessman savagely butchered her. All that was left of her were her eyeballs and her beloved teddy bear. Her ghost now searches this earth for all who live immoral lives.

Now you have read this message you must play this awesome game and steal ten people's underwear so they may know her plight, otherwise you will hear a knocking on your bedroom door at exactly midnight, 2 days from now, and the spirit of that girl will butcher you and steal your soul. You have 48 hours.

The other morning

I had a mug of coffee so strong that I seemed to fall out of the realm of existence. I fear they've replaced caffeine with some other drug that creates internal clarity but prevents me from focusing on the world. Which turned out useful when trying to work (not sarcasm).

Also what's "rules OK!" about, why does no one graff it anymore..... oh yeah cos it sucks.

Like mike, I've recently been addicted to my DS lite, which I should note rules, especially nadal tennis. But I'm thinking I should either find or create a word processor for it, cos I could do very mobile work then.

I also wanna get a brand New t-shirt, but it needs to be emo enough. Also I want a laptop, as I keep saying, but I realised that getting a big screen is NOT actually good in the slightest. Is it worth getting a refurb'ed Macbook? Discuss

And finally, when reading journals it appears that 50% of the useful information is in the introduction and 40% in the conclusion. The rest is just gumpf.

Ze weekend

Had a dope weekend, which started out with some excellent traversing from exeter to Bristol in my so called "Automobile" once there, I stabbed Adam, and stole his corpse and cory in my car. Soon we were gliding down the m4 towards the orp de porp, where we drove into the Harvy and caused mass carnage.

I also had an alcohol free beer...

Then to the sleep, and onwards in the morning to try and get some work done (which I didn't) and then out to the Harvy as ya do for a weekend celebrating Rex's departure into the unknown. and his birthday. From there we went to our normal Rileys spot in Victoria, then onto KFC and a jazz bar that we decided not to go in O.o.

So we went to Llyods and chilled, good day. Then on sunday I attempted to get some work done. failed. so we back on first class train, cos I'm dope like that. And worked from 9pm till 5.30am with the Midnight Muskateers (me, stu and dan). Nuff said.

It would appear

my ipod shuffle has replaced my old mp3 player without me really planning it to. It's just so light and sexy. It even has built in protection for a variety of events, for instance if it becomes unclipped it won't fall to the floor cos its so light the headphones can suspend it in the air.

Not only that, but if u stupidly drop it in your washing up bowl... like I did today, it floats and hence reduces the amount of water it touches. I think.

Assuming its still working....


What I like

Walking home from campus at night with fantastic music in my ears, with a light level of rain, which is just "sprinkly" enough so that the wind whips it around in small vortexs and is reflected by the orange glow of the lamp-posts.

Is scared.

Like that time. When there were two drunk girls. And no similies or metaphors could save him

It's alright, I've got my affairs in order.

Ruffle is to carry out mass genocide to avenge my death.


UPDATE: Don't worry I may get out of it with my excellent wit and this jar of peanut butter.

New Years Resolution

Without any jokes, it is ACTUALLY 1440x900, because I got my new monitor today. I'd say more but well, there's not much you can say about an awesome 19" widescreen Acer monitor with 5msec response rate for £139.99 from Amazon, is there?....

New Years Resolutions:

  1. Sleep at 11pm, get up at 8am
  2. Take care of my heart: Go to the gym at least 5 times a week
  3. Plan and do work in advance
  4. Do Project365(as mike suggests) -
  5. Do things even if I can't be bothered/am scared.
  6. Use spare time productively i.e. to increase my knowledge
  7. Be Better
  8. Keep my room in a tidy, workable state
  9. Play the guitar regularly
  10. Don't use campus vending machines
  11. Enjoy life.
I think there were more, but I can't remember them for now. Thats probably enough to be getting along with otherwise it'll just turn into my 43things. I think the first one will help all the rest.

I'm not fucking listening to the spice girls

okay yes I am. Damn you all. So matlab has totally foxed me beyond belief, so I'm gonna do the only thing that seems sensible, and try and force Stu to drink beer.

as I always say

If you have not much else, at least have a damn good blog. Unfortunatly mine has wavered a bit in quality, but don't worry, fear my insane ramblings to come and beyond.

Soon I shall post my new years resolutions, and no crazy ass white trash computing jokes either. However I shall hail this week, the week of the headbanging trilogy.

  1. On Tuesday I bang my head on the corner of my door as I walked into it
  2. Yesterday I smashed my eyebrow on the corner of a cupboard above my wardrobe
  3. And today I walked straight into my Kitchen's roof.....
From this you may have indeed infered I am in the Ex again. And you'd be desperatly right.
Now back to matlab you distractingly seductive fools.


Not Safe For Work!

Neither Is This!


my new year's resolution? 1024x768.

haw haw...


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