Ze weekend

Had a dope weekend, which started out with some excellent traversing from exeter to Bristol in my so called "Automobile" once there, I stabbed Adam, and stole his corpse and cory in my car. Soon we were gliding down the m4 towards the orp de porp, where we drove into the Harvy and caused mass carnage.

I also had an alcohol free beer...

Then to the sleep, and onwards in the morning to try and get some work done (which I didn't) and then out to the Harvy as ya do for a weekend celebrating Rex's departure into the unknown. and his birthday. From there we went to our normal Rileys spot in Victoria, then onto KFC and a jazz bar that we decided not to go in O.o.

So we went to Llyods and chilled, good day. Then on sunday I attempted to get some work done. failed. so we back on first class train, cos I'm dope like that. And worked from 9pm till 5.30am with the Midnight Muskateers (me, stu and dan). Nuff said.


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