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In late august of 1972 in a town near Staffordshire, a small orphaned girl who lived in dire poverty was desperately searching for some water for her terribly parched lips. She stumbled into a wooded area, where she found a well, she was about to use the last of her strength to pull up the bucket from the bottom of the well, when an evil and wicked local businessman savagely butchered her. All that was left of her were her eyeballs and her beloved teddy bear. Her ghost now searches this earth for all who live immoral lives.

Now you have read this message you must play this awesome game and steal ten people's underwear so they may know her plight, otherwise you will hear a knocking on your bedroom door at exactly midnight, 2 days from now, and the spirit of that girl will butcher you and steal your soul. You have 48 hours.


Anonymous 2:03 am  

*sucks at that game*
*has only managed one piece of underwear, so prepares to be butchered and have her soul stolen, even though she doesn't live a particularly immoral life...not really...*

Tommeh 11:28 am  

damn blasted chain letters

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