Where are my elephants?!

Said Tony Jaa after knee fucking you in the skull. Cos thats how he rolls. I bought Ong Bak today for 4 quid from Virgin. now thats bargainous. I also got ripped off my streetsonline (woolworths) so I shall have to beat them up, as I will now end up with a duplicate order sent to me.

Sports Update: Arsenal came back to destroy Man United, so I am feeling the win. Except van persie somehow broke his foot between the end of the match and the dressing room. O'Sullivan got back to his old awesome self and one the Saga Masters. And Murray lost to Nadal, only because he fell apart in the 5th set.


Michael 1:22 pm  

This is where I make some cunning comment about the Prince of Cyprus killing them both... but he was out in the 2nd round or something.

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