I wish I was doing something awesome with my life instead of wasting it doing not much. Like I know I'm doing my masters, but meh I just seem to spend half the time watching youtube(kitty and more kitty) or getting nothing productive done.

And now I'm jealous of my mum cos she might be going rambling all around the world, like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc. Talking of New Zealand, young Rexxor has just penetrated its border with great success. *tips hat to rex who he is also jealous of*

However I did watch Brick today which was seriously good, cheers Icelandic Dan for suggesting that. I also watched the latest ep of Smallville which blatantly rips off an episode from Buffy.


I really wanna see the Green Wing Special that I missed. But the DVD is mad wack expensive.


Michael 8:36 am  

The Green Wing special ain't all that and a box of cheese.

Kath 9:25 am  

Get a job.
I assure you you'll have no time for You Tube anymore.

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