So dear reader

It would appear that all the file servers on campus broke. This sucks if you saved your coursework on your user space.

If, on the other hand, you are consistently awesome, like me, you saved it to your usb stick so can carry on unaffected. *nods and wins* So I managed to get some of my Neural Networks done, but to cheer you up check this out:

Okay stop checking it out now. I'm going to see the Pursuit of Happiness. Will Smith makes me jolly.


Anonymous 2:09 am  

It's Happyness. HappYness *shakes head at tom*
But yay for USB keys and matrix addition!
P.S. The point of the smoosher thing, when it only appears to be smooshing a pit of fire, is...?

Tommeh 11:30 am  

erm, its actually Happiness, Its a purposeful misspelling due to an event in the film. Ya gotta see it.

And its when u fall in the fire u get smooshed!

Anonymous 12:55 am  

Lol, I do know how to spell happiness, silly *rolls eyes and pokes tom*

Tommeh 1:06 am  

wait I forgot my brain. I got mixed up which was the right and which was the wrong. I hate everything

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