We went to hastings today as my subtly worded title cryptically suggests. It was pretty:

Although we lacked time we still managed to grab some fish and chips, drink some bevvys on the beach, chuck a ball around (in a camp fashion):

fly a highly erogenous kite as the breeze was quite strong, clamber up the cliff (and clone ruffle):

frolic on the rocks:

update some carvings, watch a restaurant that was on fire, play on the arcades and cruise home. Much good fun all round. We also said by the Raffle before she ran away to france :(

BBQ of kings

Today, we enjoyed a highly excellent bbq at young Raffle's house. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what happened, but I know there was beer, and meat... and more meat... and then I ate too much meat and got a meat headache. Twas excellent time though. I think I may have some form of photo....

no wait I don't :( poop. However, I can prove I ate so much as I managed to come back and break a floor board with my immense weight. And I wasn't even drunk!?

Coffee, Toffee, and your mum.

Currently in Starbucks in Bluewater, my main objective for coming here, but I made up a load of things to buy to excuse myself. Currently I've got a new wallet and a new belt. It's surprisingly hard to find non-expensive boxers. And boxers that aren't wack. I have a cracking headache again, but I'm not sure if its down to coke cold turkey, lack of sleep or lack of being outside. Coffee will help.

It has to. Plus Norah is soothing my soul.

I'm slowly typing up my blogs. The interent is gonna come to a halt when I upload it all.

On the topic of others things I'm doing, I'm also kidding myself that the hot girls in here are checking out the lonely wanna be surfer in the corner, scrolling his thoughts into a notebook. I'm also perving on everyone who walks by... I mean. I'm watching for danger...

Everyone here is pregnant. To Marks and Sparks->

I have come to the conclusion that as a phone, camera and mp3 player, my phone is extremely excellent. I have come to love it. And it hasn't crashed in a while. In fact ages.

Things I've recently done but forgotten:

15th: Mainly drove home
16th: Went to bluewater, then beckenham, then croydon. Much merryment, but cab was a long drive home. We went to reflex in croydon which was a bit too 80s for my liking but was still cool. Goose in beckenham now has uber cheap menu.
17th: Existed
18th: Went to monday club, I suspect it was good
19th: Existed...
20th: Went to dump
21st: Is today.

Oh yes.

That's right kids my 360 is now linked into my computer and I can stream stuff to it. Use Tversity if you care not for media player, as I do not.

Talking of 360, call of duty 4 beta giveaway keys here

Must remember to update my i heart movies

well it took longer than I expected but now I'm pissed off with living at home

Gangsta Soul

With all this talk about freedom, it would appear I forgot I need a purpose. Or maybe I just ignored it. It's all very well thinking "seize the day", but unless you do, and you seize the right day, it's all a bit rampant. Obviously rampant is the wrong word here, but I had no end to the sentance and it popped into my head. Like a light bulb in a darkened room, I'm just sitting here, waiting for you to come on home and turn me on. As Norah says.

With so much drama in the LPC, it's kinda hard being snoop d-o-double G.

Amen to that.

Clones, plasmid phones, and Norah Jones

Shit bricks. It's now 1pm and I've packed nothing, forgot to have hair cut and meh. Twas all I could do not to play bioshock *shakes fist*. My head's a bit messed up today, Ed suggested some possibly things I could do, including an industrial phd. I'm sure I need to get away though. Plus at this rate I'm gonna be a lard bucket for the holiday.

Note To self: Keep a journal on holiday. I'm a little worried my blog is turning into a diary. I lie, I'm not worried at all. I hate it when coffee shops have argumentative talk shows on, we need Super Norah to the rescue.

Today has mostly been me putting off everything to play Bioshock. Did well in meeting though and company are foolishly please. Slightly awkward farewell afternoon tea and then hit the bioshock. Began watching Eureka once my eyes broke, which is really good, but means that's one more show to watch. Raping bandwidth as its last Exeter night.

Cat anyone?

White goods

Fridge broke today, so we had to go get a new one, which made me late heading back to the Ex. Got here quite quick tho. Tesco then went straight to the department and bashed out my report in double quick time. Watched awesome england game with Stu in vic and then went back and fired up bioshock....


One more hoop to take the hope....

So it would appear I'm not actually done and I have to write a summary report for my company and have a meeting with them on Thursday. I was really pissed off about this but I'm more chilled now and not too fussed about it

Hungover today, played more 360, went to campus, saw Dan and talked to Ed. Drove home pretty late, my bad, enjoyed it though

People who are awesome:

  • Rex for taking the time to proof read my work.
  • Rachel for proof reading AND giving me her ipod shuffle!!

So after 4 hours sleep I'm up again for the hand in of the century. There appeared to be no Saran, however me and dan evaporated to the long lounge for lunch. Then I went and played a large amount of Call of Juarez. Met the crew at the Impy at 4, some drinks and Ed randomly turned up. Then dan showed up, then everyone went home, except me and stu, and we drank our sorrows in the timepiece and got some kebabs.

Please use my body while I sleep

To be honest I'm unsure of the exact details of what happened today. I did spend quite a lot at the coop to sustain me through. I actually finished by 4am though, bonus to me. So sleep->


7800 words
32 pages
10 tables

Geeky Things I've done Today:

  • Timed the speed of execution of my implementation of the A* algorithm
  • Synchronised my work folder with a remote folder on my desktop at home
  • Streamed the england match on my computer and then broadcast it on the uni network so me and stu could circumnavigate the crazy ass proxy settings on campus and watch here via dual screen on our lappys
  • Streamed the IT crowd to a projector
  • Drooled over IronKey
Slept slightly late, till 10 am today. But showered and came straight up to the department. Norah Jones is getting me through this, one soothing word at a time. Saw england match while working. Ate a whole pack of fruit and nut, which is 105% of my fat allowance of the day! Work is exceptionally slow today. I blame stu.

My teeth are fuzzy.

Got back in at 1.30am. 6800 words.

Still behind, sent to Rex and Rachel to see what they think.

I'm in appalling shape at the moment.

Idea of the day: Hoovering, for my floor is totally covered in grass.

Woke up a bit late today and damn facist builders were drilling into my soul. An unfortunate set of events, so I showered and departed to campus. I am literally spending, at maximum, an hour of awake time in lafrowda a day. Anyway, I went to the long lounge where I proceeded to have an extremely yummy ham ploughman's salad. Then came the rest of the day where I spent most of it in the library.

At around 7 I traversed to sainsbury's in my wonder car and bought 25 quids words of junk food. Including doughnuts, cold curry, multigrain hula hoops, pain au chocolate, red bull, fruit & nuts and bombay mix. All to feed me over the weekend. Man I'm gonna need some fruit. An odd police helicopter hovering over uni and town for most the evening, prolly due to some escaped prisoner. Apparently prisoners escaped in march 07 and in Oct 06. Some guy removed 5 bricks from his wall and jumped out. Unfortunately the drop was 30ft and he broke his ankle. I think junk food is making me fat. Found a new toilet in Harrison, best layout yet.

The Top 20 Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time

So, my attempt to calculate the amount of words I need to do per section failed majorly as I added it all up to 7000 instead of 8000. On a related note, I really can't be assed with this anymore, I'm finding it dull and I have no direction. Plus I'm trying to write this "slanty" to look cool, but it's just turning out illegible.

I'm on 4282 words. I'm flagging though. I'm about 1700 away from my word count projections but I think I need to break and sleep. Re-arrange my thoughts and plan of lyrical attack. I'll go print out what I've just done.

Anecdotes, platters, and inspirational quotes...

After just managing to wake up, I traipsed onward to campus, where unto my great surprise, the long lounge was open. One copy of Empire and an Indian platter later it was time to hit the department. Weather was all sunny by this point and I set up camp in the library. After some rough attempts at work for a few hours I hit the shop, grabbed some baguettes and headed home to pick up my work folder. This was in a vein attempt to find some decent feedback from my past work. Unfortunately, as always, this was not so.

It's currently 17.47, I'm on 2739 words and need to reach 6000 to be on target for tomorrow. I also have to not use all my words on my intro...

Interesting anecdote: Was walking to look and some dude scared the shit out of me.

Films To See:

Bourne Ultimatum: Now
Assassination of Jesse James: 26th Oct, 07
Superbad: 14th Sept, 07
Death Proof: 21st Sept, 07
Across the Universe: 28th Sept, 07
Planet Terror: Novemeber, 07
I am Legend: 4th January, 08
Iron Man: 2nd May, 08
Southland Tales: 08

Covering our tracks

Well after locking myself out of the library, things went from bad to worse as I wasted the rest of the night coding a GP to find the shortest combination of numbers to try every code on a door code. After this I realised I actually still have a co-evolving GA to implement for my project. Shit.

We're breakin' free

Alcohol is stupid for Sleep. Got up at like 12. Pottered around. Randomly had a presentation feedback meeting with Zunic and apparently everything was good. Nothing bad. And I answered his 1 question with skill, wit and a preplanned answer. Slammin'

I'm again attempting to survive on sandwiches alone. My heart hurts. I've constructed a simple, yet effective plan of work to finish my write up:

Balance Brought Forward: 1000 words

Wednesday: 2000
Thursday: 3000
Friday: 2000
Saturday: References and Proof Read
Sunjday: Proof Read.

I do need to go get food sometime though... hmm.

I'm also listening to some grime. Though its not too productive for work, it might be time to bring Norah out again. mmm Norah. I should get her sheet music. From her house. And possibly her underwear. From her body. Excellent.

Surprises, electrical goods and meat of various sizes

Approaching the pedestal with a good portion of nervousness, just as I was setting up, my company dude waltzes in and my heart swings into double step. Not out of lust I add. Unfortunately, I had not planned for a water expert to be present as this foils my normal tactic of glossing over details so I don't say anything wrong. Even though I was visibly a shaking wreck, and was unable to focus on my neatly designed post it notes, apparently everyone said I was alright. After celebratory chatting, I cruised down to starbucks with Gordon and we pondered the world along with another caffiene hit. Then I drove dan dan icelandic dan to currys to get a tv and we had a cup o' tea and a few min of Die Hard before heading off to the Imperial. Here, a small portion of merryment was had and then I stupidly got a kebab. Ah well.

Food eaten today:
Bacon & Brie Baguette
Chip shop chips
Kebab meat and chips

Well I woke up on time, and after a shower I looked only slightly bedraggled. Coffee maybe my only haven. Had a dream last night that involved immense pain in my elbow and I think I was awake for most of it... I also had a dream where Kiean came to the department to work, then it was a fancy ball and cheerleader from Heroes, some other hot girl and a friend fancied me. I had to choose but nearly messed it up. I think (and hope) I chose hayden.

The main issue at the moment is my choice of t-shirt. I've chosen a blue t-shirt as it's colour is non-confrontational, however, the slogan on it is "Burn your computer". Now this may 1) appear that I'm trying too hard, 2) Be a happy and humourous choice 3) Sound like I care not for the field of computer science. Then again it may have just been my only clean top....

Acai smoothie time.

Things I am looking forward to:

  • Partying after hand in
  • Tidying my room
  • Playing Bioshock
  • Re-establishing communication with the world.
  • Having time to exercise
  • Having time to goto the beach
  • Blogging
  • Reading
  • Guilt free "end of days"
  • More lickin'
  • Digesting the ~20 new artists I need to check out
  • Brushing my teeth more
  • Possibly expand on SOM Project?
  • To be able to write continuous prose without having to repeat the same words for "consistency".. unless it's "awesome".

So I just came back from campus at 11pm, my presentation still not finished and it's at 1pm tomorrow. Remembered to take recycling out or we would get in trouble. Promptly got locked out for 10 minutes. Then had shower, set some experiments running and now sleep at midnight to get up at 5am?! to finish presentation and learn it. It's all about kamikazing to the nearest deadline and be damned the consequences.

At least I'm getting some results I can twist into something might be acceptable. Must remember to work after presentation. Last night I stayed up late reading the Prestige by Christopher Priest. Very good book, quite different to the film. Though the film's plot might be slightly better. God I hope 5 hours sleep is enough.

Mind numbing, hum drumming.

Woken up. Showered. Ate a healthy living curry. Disgusted a girl who saw the state of my room. Ritazza.

In an interesting twist to my life, it turns out I failed to charge my bluetooth headphones. Old school cable time.

Day 3 of Radio Silence. The Enemy is closing in and we're far underprepared. Our tactics are sound, but it looks unlikely we can execute them in time. I'm tempted to utilise homophonic sounds to decrease actual contact time to safe limits. After careful deliberation it would appear our resources are below expectations, but with little hope of reinforcements we must continue regardless of the complexity of the task ahead. We've already lost many, and I fear I may crash and burn within the next day. Morale is low.

Today I have mostly been battling for CPU time and discovering new and innovative ways to make up graphs. Our lack of Linux boxes is disturbing.

Geeky things I have done that are awesome:

  • Running a VNC server so I can remotely control my pc
  • Running a SCP server so I can remotely download files
  • Writing a taskbar "to do" list manager in C#
  • Re-writing my random wallpaper selector in c#
  • Writing a Regression, rule based genetic programming program in Java
  • Getting a 3D virtual desktop manager for windows
  • Implementing the A* path finding algorithm in c#
  • Using 13 PCs at once, then demanding more
  • Streaming my music collection across the web for myself

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