Mind numbing, hum drumming.

Woken up. Showered. Ate a healthy living curry. Disgusted a girl who saw the state of my room. Ritazza.

In an interesting twist to my life, it turns out I failed to charge my bluetooth headphones. Old school cable time.

Day 3 of Radio Silence. The Enemy is closing in and we're far underprepared. Our tactics are sound, but it looks unlikely we can execute them in time. I'm tempted to utilise homophonic sounds to decrease actual contact time to safe limits. After careful deliberation it would appear our resources are below expectations, but with little hope of reinforcements we must continue regardless of the complexity of the task ahead. We've already lost many, and I fear I may crash and burn within the next day. Morale is low.

Today I have mostly been battling for CPU time and discovering new and innovative ways to make up graphs. Our lack of Linux boxes is disturbing.


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