Coffee, Toffee, and your mum.

Currently in Starbucks in Bluewater, my main objective for coming here, but I made up a load of things to buy to excuse myself. Currently I've got a new wallet and a new belt. It's surprisingly hard to find non-expensive boxers. And boxers that aren't wack. I have a cracking headache again, but I'm not sure if its down to coke cold turkey, lack of sleep or lack of being outside. Coffee will help.

It has to. Plus Norah is soothing my soul.

I'm slowly typing up my blogs. The interent is gonna come to a halt when I upload it all.

On the topic of others things I'm doing, I'm also kidding myself that the hot girls in here are checking out the lonely wanna be surfer in the corner, scrolling his thoughts into a notebook. I'm also perving on everyone who walks by... I mean. I'm watching for danger...

Everyone here is pregnant. To Marks and Sparks->

I have come to the conclusion that as a phone, camera and mp3 player, my phone is extremely excellent. I have come to love it. And it hasn't crashed in a while. In fact ages.


Anonymous 5:43 pm  

see, when i got the phone you were all "blah blah brick blah" up in there. see. It has a nice weightyness to spin on tables, and for one handed phone juggling. get a job!

Tommeh 6:18 pm  

Still looks ugly though

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