Place Marker: Rileys

Yum Yum


2 Bagels
Bread Crumbed Ham
Caeser Salad Sauce


Combine in a plethora of styles until it looks like the above dish, i.e. closely resembling a pair of misshapen breasts.

PLACE MARKER: Drinkies At Ram

Don't combine:

Bristolia photography and driving, kids.

C is for Car

Cars are cars, bars are bars, but combining the two is norty. So don't. Yeah. Put that in your groin and smoke it.

Summary of our holiday:

Benidorm Photos

Yeah, check these out, some be funny, some be humourous most are drunk. At some point I'll try to collect all the stories and anecdotes from the trip, which will be largely unsuccessful I fear...

Pre Holiday shinanigans

I appear to be writing this well after anything happened, but so I vaguely remember what I used my life for, here is what I may have done:

Friday Night: Traversed to Bromley for alcohol consumption at ye olde wetherspoons of Bromley, and then I think we came back to Orpington. Where we were all jolly and some such thing like that. Possibly.

Saturday: We attempted to play football, but everyone was rubbish and failed to turn up, so we were like pfft. Then there was the food festival of the year "I know what you ate last summer", needless to say there was food, and beer and much jovality.

Sunday: Easter. Not much happened I think.

Monday: I organised a lesbian mud wrestling bonanza on the church green.... no wait, that wasn't monday. What we actually did on monday was go to bluewater to extrapolate some clothing, which was jolly nice, and then chilled round ruffle's wit some games and some hoes...

that wraps it up. Plus its hard to type this and Lost at the same time.

and I'm home...

Far2Narf Radio

"because it beats doing work"

mediamaster* lets me stream a radio, which is nice and is available below and to your right ->

It's a mish mash of my favourite albums, so u'll get hit with the likes of emo, punk, rock, jazz, soul (or whatever Norah Jones is) and possibly anything else random on there. It loads in your chosen media player... I think. Maybe someday I'll get some embedded shit on there.

Not that its much use to anyway, but could be a nice backdrop to reading my slightly delirious blog posts as the year goes on.


I got a flash player. If you don't have Flash. well I pity the fool. I have blatantly stolen this player from Spud's Blog, where he has an awesome interview with the BBC. I'm not sure if he wrote this, or got it from somewhere else, I'll ask him next time he's on "da net" (don't worry I hosted it myself)....

DVD Collection

Oki so I've changed the site I use to put my DVD collection on. It doesn't have all my films for some reason, but it's a hell of a lot more intuitive to view than that list site:

Compared to most sites out there that appear to be designed just to confuse the tom, and it's only in its infancy at the moment, so it's improving all the time. The guys over there seem genuinely helpful as well, not to mention adding movies quickly.

Well that was nearly a wardrobe malfunction

Reminds of that time in warehouse where my trousers fell down and Katie was like roflmaolollerskates....

I win by getting travel insurance for a week in Spain for £5.70 with lots of millions for all sorts of shindigs that could happen to me and my limbs.

Moving on, its so sunny I accidentally managed to waste the day again. Luckily though I didn't discover which lets u upload ur entire music collection (unlimited space) and then u can stream it from where-ever you are. Useful in situations I can't quite think of now but I'm sure will come to me at some point....

Sick and tired of not having sexy automatic updates? Try SyncBak. Its fun and quibble free...

Anyone have Death Cab For Cutie's "Photo Album" album? as I need it or I will implode.

Reminders: On Friday tax year rolls over, so people can put money into their Cash ISAs again. Woo!... Plus in the budget turns out the taxing of cars changed. Which is good for some people with low CO2 emmissions, some people can get tax for just 35 quid or free! Others... like me with a Fiesta 1.6l Ghia gonna have to pay £140.00... damn. 0-60mph in 10.2s comes at a cost.

Enough now.

A request for discussion

k gangstas, I need people's suggestions for improvement of this so called "blog". Not so much about content but more about the design of the page etc.

I quite like the colour co-ordination, even if it goes against my dark backgrounds policy, but it looks a bit "default" if you know what I mean. Obviously I've hacked up the side bar a bit, but any other suggestions?

I warn any "l337" people out there that blogger tends to fuck up a lot of the javascript I put in the template, as I tend to have an "ad-hoc" manner of coding it.

GO! comment away you scally-wags.

Take that Genetic Programming!

In your face. I made it up on campus by 8am, which was a little bit crazy of me, now I'm starting to lag as apparently I need more a mid morning meal to keep me from passing out.

Perhaps coffee will help....

or this cute video of a polar bar cub

I win

It's 7.25 and I've already woken up, shaved, showered and now I'm eating breakfast. And, dear readers, we must remember I am a student.

I feel a bit too awake as well.

Okay kids

I have a sore throat and I need to get up 7am. These may not seem related facts, but we can use them to infer some statements:

  1. My need to get up at 7am suggests I have some sort of deadline that I haven't done enough work towards.
  2. My sore throat probably suggests I'm gonna be quite annoyed with the world
  3. If I'm annoyed and tired in the morning, I'm really not gonna get this work done. Which means Ed will stab me for being useless, and well behind everyone else, even including Stu.
To bed my pretties. Well if you are indeed pretty, please feel free to join me in my bed, all others may explore Tony Jaa's Sister's cousin's twice removed's room for sleeping options....

So Apparently

It would appear the toner ran out, majorly inconvenient if you ask me. MAJORLY. Our distress can be visualised by the above cave wall decoration.

Accrington Stanley

I've decided to coin a new phrase:

Novel Gadget Overloading, or NGOing for short. This occurs in the unlikely event that you get too many gadgets in a short period of time and don't appreciate each one long enough before a new one comes along.

Well that was geeky. In other news I did some work today, which was a bit shocking on all accounts, and resulted in most betting agencies losing vast sums of money. William Hill's stocks have plummeted 75 points in the last 30 minutes alone.

Time to play Pro Evolution 6 in the bath. Cos thats the way I roll.

I made up a word...

it's quantitive. Apparently it doesn't exist. It means, what I can only imagine, quantitative means.

you'd be surprised

at how dull it is writing about water regulatory boards. But it is.

No matter, excitementnewspartyfuntab!!!! Tony Jaa's sister's cousin twice removed from a pot and placed next door to me is back and in the mix. Though I haven't actually seen her, I've heard her and witnessed the destruction of my kitchen's personal space. For all I know she may now be severely disfigured and it might just be someone who stole her keys.

I'm tired of April Fools Day, too many people attempting to fool are fools themselves. Apart from google, they rock.

Back to work....

Links I like today....

Google Tisp

Google Paper

World of Warcraft Tinfoil hat

Thinkgeek's latest gadgets

Voice extrapolation from walls

The Pirate Bay's transisiton


and check your Facebook news feed.....

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