Well that was nearly a wardrobe malfunction

Reminds of that time in warehouse where my trousers fell down and Katie was like roflmaolollerskates....

I win by getting travel insurance for a week in Spain for £5.70 with lots of millions for all sorts of shindigs that could happen to me and my limbs.

Moving on, its so sunny I accidentally managed to waste the day again. Luckily though I didn't discover www.mediamaster.com which lets u upload ur entire music collection (unlimited space) and then u can stream it from where-ever you are. Useful in situations I can't quite think of now but I'm sure will come to me at some point....

Sick and tired of not having sexy automatic updates? Try SyncBak. Its fun and quibble free...

Anyone have Death Cab For Cutie's "Photo Album" album? as I need it or I will implode.

Reminders: On Friday tax year rolls over, so people can put money into their Cash ISAs again. Woo!... Plus in the budget turns out the taxing of cars changed. Which is good for some people with low CO2 emmissions, some people can get tax for just 35 quid or free! Others... like me with a Fiesta 1.6l Ghia gonna have to pay £140.00... damn. 0-60mph in 10.2s comes at a cost.

Enough now.


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