Pre Holiday shinanigans

I appear to be writing this well after anything happened, but so I vaguely remember what I used my life for, here is what I may have done:

Friday Night: Traversed to Bromley for alcohol consumption at ye olde wetherspoons of Bromley, and then I think we came back to Orpington. Where we were all jolly and some such thing like that. Possibly.

Saturday: We attempted to play football, but everyone was rubbish and failed to turn up, so we were like pfft. Then there was the food festival of the year "I know what you ate last summer", needless to say there was food, and beer and much jovality.

Sunday: Easter. Not much happened I think.

Monday: I organised a lesbian mud wrestling bonanza on the church green.... no wait, that wasn't monday. What we actually did on monday was go to bluewater to extrapolate some clothing, which was jolly nice, and then chilled round ruffle's wit some games and some hoes...

that wraps it up. Plus its hard to type this and Lost at the same time.


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