Calling the allies

Although preplanned, I didn't expect or particularly want the resulting carnage of a night out with work, even if it was a blast. After a mediocre day at work where I spent the whole time fixing builds, we hit up the walkie to watch the Arsenal match in celebration of birthdays and a leaving (one that I didn't cause!). And what a screamer of a match it was! Arsenal being totally dominated by a superior side, somehow coming back from 2-0 down, thanks to a sprightly walcott, Henry receiving a grand reception and Fabregas equalising while breaking his leg with the match saving shot! Whole evening was interspersed with plenty of beer and peppered with sambuca shots. Oh, I also had a damn tasty ashes burger. After the match we retired to the classic local and I drove my memories out of my head with a wonderful elixer... though did manage to get the last tube home

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