Drunken Shinanigans

Well I'm diasterously behind on my blog, but I thought I'd relay an interesting night Joff and I participated in last night, once more involving alcohol. And unlike in Byron Bay it did not conclude with us drawing giant knobs on the beach.

The night started like any other, wasting more money eating out in a nice local restaurant, a chinese this time, v.yummy. We then cruised in a pub across the road, which was pretty empty, and Joff played $5 on the pokies there, which lasted a good length of time. Our hunt for live music then began but for some reason we just settled for a bar with seats outside. We had one, then moved on to an awesome bar which was playing linkin park, papa roach, etc though we were the only peeps in there and it shut at 10. After swift drinking and rockin out, we found yet another bar that had live music, but they stopped playing nearly as soon as we entered the premises! The general consensus was a more long term hunt for live music, which only resulted in nearly paying $50 to go in some club/gig place. Luckily, after talking to a bouncer we found a club to go to.

A gay club.

Great fun though! and we partied to the wee hours, including getting Joff his first shot ever! Sambuca in the face. We took some humourous photos with some guys and girls, before leaving due to excessive alcohol consumption. It seemed cunning to then go to Maccy D's and get some form of food. After which we agreed we were too drunk to go back to hostel and should walk around a bit, which we did until we got to the river side. I promptly lay down, messiah stylie, and fell asleep for 2 minutes, and once Joff woke me up I had apparently lost the last hour of memory instantly. So much so that I decided I wanted Maccy D's not realising we'd already been. Needless to say I got 20 chicken nuggets and all was well.


I'm not actually dead, and neither is this blog

"Please don't forget about me" aroused my blog "I'll always exist in the hearts of your readers and the twinkling in the eye of the child who playfully uses a racist remark as a form of witty retort"

"Pah" I ejaculated furiously "our readers care not for us anymore, with a lack of updates and a stagnent smell in the air, all is lost"

"You lie" my blog grinded


And then I regained conciousness from smashing my skull upon the ocean's bed.

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