Pics of Lots of Stuff

Some pictures to cheer you all up who have found out Wembly is being turned into a Barbie Exhibition!!!:

Nick managed to hide the fact he'd stuck his arm to the beer stack with a slick pose..

The Santa infestation worsened this year, with a reported 500 cases in Exeter alone..

No one understood why the numbers for binge drinkin had also increased..

Yet sales of reduced bread drastically increased at the same time..

Luckily no one knew what this was, and everyone was much happier keeping it that way

ya so plarf the internet tbh.... anyway, to quench your thirst for stupid flash I've done, I found these on my pc, when I musta been testing out flash years ago, check it:

Random Quote:
"SSSSCHHHHHHTTTOOOPPPPP that donkeh is not lubricated yet" Sir Tom Barker of UberSquidgeVille


oki so gap in updates, I still trying to scan in Fred The Pirate concept art, but my scanner has died so I downloading some crappy 160mb download just to get it to work again. All annoying really, the peeps at have their last drink tonight I mock them with a stick, but still give them money.

Random Quote:
"Crusin on foot, gotta get to the quiz,
no haters to stop me, i'm top of this biz.
make the mistake, i'm the king of this street,
don't get no beef, from those gangsta elite,
so my rhymes about as tight as an irish made kite,
but step to me n i'll knock out ya light.
ya gotta be down in this colchester hood,
or you make the homies frown, as that ain't good.
you'll get a cap in ya ass, before you can say,
step to me bro, cmon make my day.
damn some greek girls"
- Lyricist Adam wtf?

I'm awake and ready =- woo! more later

We came Third!

I not got time or effort to do anything funny or cool, so ah well. We came third in quiz, which was good, I still not got round to doing anything Fred the Pirate related, I'll try 2moz maybe

Night people, oh and I fixed links:

Magical Video 1
Magical Video 2
Magical Video 3

my fan is making a noise, highly annoying.

I have a dream!

Woke up late once more, I rule at this. had some very very weird dreams, first at some big musik festival device, and there were these patches of drugs, you put on you like plasters, and they seemed to work quite well. Then at the festival we were lookin at some computers that had music keyboards on them and stuff, and I was composing things and I think there was some sort of soft toy that was alive. On these computers when you made the music by hitting keys on the keyboard people danced on screen, and then I manage to find a naked woman one and everyone was happy, including some random old man we seemed to know. Then we looked towards the pier (which had a hugh stack of amps on, up to the sky) where the gig was happening, and people were pulling the huge plugs, and the amps were all faling over, so we leaped in to the sea below. At that point I remember it was me, Alex and Dave and another random guy who could have been alex's bro. The sea was quite shallow, so we started to wade underneath the pier, but there was a huge valley at one point, that was just randomlly there, so we had to be careful we didn't get swept into it, finally we made this slippy silty bit of land. And we walked along this, but i couldn't bend my back cos my bag was too full, and my sunglasses got in my way. So I fell over, and then a land rover nearly hit us, but it was okay. We then got to a road and we were totally lost, so we started to walk along it to the left (cos alex said that was the way to go) eventually we came to a railway track, and at that point the 4th person turned into Pete for, and we wondered where and what it went to. So we followed the track for a short while, and we end up in some sort of underground big base, with metal ceilings and metal walls, was very odd. We then met zoe and two other girls I can't quite remember, possible Sarah was one of them? So we were following the wide corridor along, and there were masses of doors, and everyone was worried about our water supply, except zoe who said she didn't need to drink? anyway we finally found someone, and he started explaining some sort of clue system to us, can't remember why. He finally took as to this part where there was like a dip in the corridor to the ground and the floor there was really hot and the ground was soft. And he started explaining to us all about the physics of it, luckily at this point I woke up.

And there is magical dream for everyone to read

The Day In Words

Today i did very little, recovered from heavy drinking, and woke up at about midday. This was not good. i then didn't go the gym and just sat around watching la rugby match. Mike got horrendously drunk, and knocked the house over nearly. We also lost the rubgy which was crappy, luckily arsenal thrashed villa 3-1 so there was some good stuff a happening

Here are some videos of the night before of Nick - this stuff is v.v.v.funny - go forth and laugh:

Magical Video 1
Magical Video 2
Magical Video 3

Quote of the Day:
"I like to suck" - Dave Hulbert

Buy nick's pizza box for a limited time only!

Update: okay yeah I forgot the link

The Day In Pictures

and so we decided to go to The Tower Inn:Ferno... and it took a while to leave

"Hmmm" said Pete "I wonder who shall get drunk upon this alcoholic beverage drinking occasion"

after further questionning the bannister had very little idea either

However luckily Nick was nearby to step in and confirm many a suspiscion

Pete chuckled quietly while desperatly trying to edge out without being noticed

and was not impressed when...

Nick attempted to eat the camera man.....

Unsurprisingly Louis was the first to get hammered, and chuckled "narhg" to himself

and promptly fell asleep standing up

"hmm" wondered Alex "what mysterious revelations will we discover this evening"

"I know!" cried Nick as his wrist went uncontrollably limp...

"I'm... a pizza box!!!".... yes Nick, you are

Feeling left out louis attempted to be an external hard disk drive, much to Nick's amusement

Unfortunatly all this talk of "external" got nick "all in a fluster"

"Right old chaps" exclaimed Nick " anyone up for a spot of golf?"....and so the night ended

Okay so even though I tried to only drink twice a week, I've managed it three times already, dammit. Ah well, twas a good night, Tower Inn (yes bar) is pretty good, along with reefs + becks only one pound each. Mike also managed to go and get dominos pizza, while nick convinced them to give him an empty box, probably to be quiet ;). Now Sleep tom says.

damn waking up

Damn woke up late once more, gotta go to gym and hand in design and method crap. Also I'm not in the slightest bit hungry so I'm gonna go for as long as I can without eating just to teach my body a lesson MWAHAhahaha

I also need some more photos to put on here, but can never be assed to take any, nort norty... you never know I may get a fred the pirate episode out today, before mike beats me with a fiat panda

all your base are belong to us

yah well I did loads of work on campus and now sexy sexy roo roo
I come up with some cunning ideas for fred the pirate eps, now just gotta make em, in the mean time I found a flash animation I did years upon years ago

People won't get it unless they know the people, but its quite funny anyway, cos its crap, Basically the rat is some dude who was pissing us off and trying to get my mate (adam) into trouble with skool etc, so check it out (oh and I apologise about a certain word but I can't modify it anymore and i twas young den):


At some point I shall do some stuff with sommit... damn forgot what i was typing.... oh yeah fred the pirate concept art!! wow u all say... maybe

oh dear

Woke up lateish again, bit of an error, gotta walk briskly while eating breakfast to lecture. Things keep going wrong which is worrying, ah well, its gonna be one of them days.... what ever that means

The Day In Words:

Okay so I've just spent 2 hours doing pre/post/error constraints for our functional interface definition... i.e. I did work!?!?! crazy stuff. I should probably go to bed as I wanna do a run in the morning and I got lots of crappy ass lectures. How i cry, so I leave you with this:

Something Funny
... hell yeah this is an old skool style link

Something Random
I wonder if green tea can actually help my liver not die a very painful death, I may test the theory.
Something Quoteable
"I don't want to be a hair!, I want to be a dragon!.. SHUT UP.. ok I'll be a hair" - a hair through the eyes of edward monkton - respect

Check it:

hehe, this is quite funny and interesting etc, check it:


Unfortunatly at the moment I can't be assed to do any episodes, I'm letting inspiration hit. Alex is making dinner but I not hungry at all. I think I'm broke. Nick also tried to make me buy an oven today, luckily I managed to run away and not buy it. The fool


Damn woke up 35 minutes late so rushed to group meeting, and it was pointless in the end! shocking. Then to make matters worse, when I went to lecture, I flicked a coin and apparently I shouldn't go the lecture
quite pointless realy
I've be challenged not to shave for Lent.... I'm not gonna do that, the fools.. talk of shaving need to right now.

Okay So I've started a new project as such. An animation thingy, with episodes and all that, I've done a beta crappy intro to it, so everyone laugh and give me feed back please :P


Random Quote:
"Children and Zip Fasteners do not respond to force... Except occasionally." - Katharine Whitehorn
Song Of The Day:
Inme - Energy


So in conclusion a cunning night at arena ,good fun except alcohol failed to work upon me, which is annoying as I am now only drinkin twice a week... yeah like thats gonna work.

Alex giving up alcohol for lent? don't make me laugh.... well u can, but still he's not gonna be able to do it. Didn't even get a kebab, that surely proves I wasn't drunk. MaYbe.

A hat, upon a man... think about it

Nick's "to do" list has the word flange on!! *giggles childishly*

On our quest to reach an alcoholic beverage establishment we met the one they and we call "Bearded Jack"

We tried to resist his girlish charms but he forced us to admire and lust over his beard, how we cried

However back in the pub, there was a musing over the crossword, with mike attempting to attach the newspaper to his nose

"ARGH" said mike as he swallowed the paper in one and so boycotting various situations

There was a tiny pussy cat here ... but it went :(

"Hazarr" claimed mike soberly...

ahh yeeeeess

Well now, Alex luckily woke me up at like 8.30 so had to rush off to lectures, then did massive of work with group, argh, anyway I wrote a little song especially for Wendy (see above):

oh wendy, you came and you bought me a haddock
but you bored me to tears
oh wendy, you came and you danced on my buttock
now I'm scarred, I need beers
oh wendy... you came!

I have a cunning idea for sommit to do on here... we shall see if I have the effort to do it :P

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"Have you ever thought if the spoons are wondering why there are so many different sizes of humans? Well don't- thats stupid talk" - Mike Roberts

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