oki so gap in updates, I still trying to scan in Fred The Pirate concept art, but my scanner has died so I downloading some crappy 160mb download just to get it to work again. All annoying really, the peeps at http://www.justgiving.com/alcohol/ have their last drink tonight I mock them with a stick, but still give them money.

Random Quote:
"Crusin on foot, gotta get to the quiz,
no haters to stop me, i'm top of this biz.
make the mistake, i'm the king of this street,
don't get no beef, from those gangsta elite,
so my rhymes about as tight as an irish made kite,
but step to me n i'll knock out ya light.
ya gotta be down in this colchester hood,
or you make the homies frown, as that ain't good.
you'll get a cap in ya ass, before you can say,
step to me bro, cmon make my day.
damn some greek girls"
- Lyricist Adam Smith....like wtf?


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