A hat, upon a man... think about it

Nick's "to do" list has the word flange on!! *giggles childishly*

On our quest to reach an alcoholic beverage establishment we met the one they and we call "Bearded Jack"

We tried to resist his girlish charms but he forced us to admire and lust over his beard, how we cried

However back in the pub, there was a musing over the crossword, with mike attempting to attach the newspaper to his nose

"ARGH" said mike as he swallowed the paper in one and so boycotting various situations

There was a tiny pussy cat here ... but it went :(

"Hazarr" claimed mike soberly...


Michael 2:27 am  

Drunken rampage time I see (cunning how u managed to catch me between breaths). Jack is supposed to be shaving that thing (beard (?)) off for charity but apparently he don't have the nerve.

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