ahh yeeeeess

Well now, Alex luckily woke me up at like 8.30 so had to rush off to lectures, then did massive of work with group, argh, anyway I wrote a little song especially for Wendy (see above):

oh wendy, you came and you bought me a haddock
but you bored me to tears
oh wendy, you came and you danced on my buttock
now I'm scarred, I need beers
oh wendy... you came!

I have a cunning idea for sommit to do on here... we shall see if I have the effort to do it :P

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"Have you ever thought if the spoons are wondering why there are so many different sizes of humans? Well don't- thats stupid talk" - Mike Roberts


Michael 2:25 am  

You dis the quote but then u use it>? U can't deny the skills.

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