I think this is really powerful, and truthful.

Hey... So... Do you come here often?

Haha, course not, no one does, and with good reason, I know it seems I've totally abandoned the art/fad of blogging the tiny details of every drunken emo journey I take. Oh I mean, yes you're right. Whoops. It maybe because my life has drastically changed and I have no emotional space for any emo thoughts. Luckily my liver still has space for alcohol fueled nights and caffeinated ramblings.

So how has it changed I hear the vast tumbleweed haunted landscapes of my blogging audience shout. Well I only went and found the girl of my dreams, moved in together, got engaged and am now planning the purchase of our first home, as well as an extravagant wedding. I feel like I want to put down in writing every single bit of what's happened, but I don't think I have the thumb dexterity to even attempt such a task.

But maybe this'll be a hilarious sparse interlude in this barren landscape. KAPOW.

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