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what have I told you about picking that, don't do it!

I'd just like to say that I'm rubbish at talking on the phone, in fact beyond rubbish, this is rubbish and I'm like here or even here..... so sorry to everyone if I speak incoherently and are not very forthcoming upon la phone.

right so to continue with the last post, Serenity won best film of the year on Johnathon Wosses Film 2005 mega bonanza super duper awesome thing, and joss whedon did a humourous acceptance thing

Apparently its dangerous to fire guns into the air..... well I'm glad someone told me.

Some student made a million dollars by selling small squares on his website to companies for $1 each!!! I mean what?! crazy fools.

I'm starting to become worried cos my blog is hyped up so much I have to blog at a high standard continually, the pressure is immense and intense, similar to rik waller on a camping holiday.

mfmfmf mgmmfmfh mf mfhhfm fhnm.... sorry had my tooth brush in my mouth, what I mean to say was, did u know when potatos go green, that green stuff is the same toxin as is in deadly nightshade and could kill you in quite a satisfactory way. by satisfactory way I be you won't do some Jesus trickery on it.

Random Quote:

"Crap I gotta bold this all up now *sighs* - Me

yaba daba doo

okay doubt most ppl will get this but cracked me up, if u've heard me raving about Firefly/Serenity created by Joss Whedon u may slightly know what I'm talking about. Apparently Entertainment Weekly twisted a quote from him about "closure" into he hates firefly and everything, here's his response:

"All right, now I have to jump in and set the record straight. EW is a fine rag, but they do take things out of context. Obviously when I said I had 'closure', what I meant was "I hate Serenity, I hated Firefly, I think my fans are stupid and Nathan Fillion smells like turnips." But EW's always got to put some weird negative spin on it. But so we're clear once and for all: If you read a quote saying "I'd love to do more in this 'verse with these actors in any medium" all I'm saying is that Nathan has a turnipy odor. It's not his fault, he doesn't eat a lot of them but everyone else in the cast noticed it and tht's not really something I'm prepared to deal with any more. And Jewel said outright she wouldn't do scenes with him except stuff like the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER funeral scene which was outside in a high SPOILER wind. So if I do manage to find another incarnation for my beloved creation, it will have been totally against my will.

I hope that clears everything up. Oh, and when I say I want to do a Spike movie, it means I have a bunion on my toe.

-joss (by which I mean Tim)

(no, actually me.) "

[sarcasm]by the way that wasn't sarcasm[/sarcasm]

.... it was... that was a double sarcasm bluff thing there

check these searches people have done and found my blog:

drunkan cam
pictures of kavos nite outs
"i kick your dog" comedy
mom porne
"shallow and pedantic" "family guy quotes"
good porne
Tom Overdrive
"fire truck" "stalks its prey" "family guy"

Fill free to ignore this post, I know most hardcore fans of my blog will try and prevent this from being stricken from the record but in years to come it will become forgotten for its confusing nature and lack of original humour. wop

Yesense - Ep028


that was weird. Biros and Phones. Terrible.

anyway check dis shizzle out, I want one, except u look like a pillock:

Giving soldiers a high-tech leg up

Check This incredible Animation about the Ultimate Showdown!

Random Quote:

Me: "We should do sommit or sommit"
Ad: "Yah lets jerk off over each others faces..."
Me: "weeeeellll.. I would but I - "
Ad: "don't have a face?"

why are women short?

interestingly Google has no answer
... to be fair check this, then this, possibly followed by this, and finally this.

its surprisingly hard to search for tall woman without loads of porn showing up, especially on alltheweb - I saw u click that! norty!

after a curious talk with Rachel we managed to create a new super hero, by the name of BLOG, or Breakdance Loving Orgasm Girl... tbh I only came up with the orgasm bit but the thought was there....then after a similiarly bizarre conversation we pondered the use of an orgasmatron like in the film of a similar name. I decided that u could give people involutantary orgasms once we all have wifi nano-bots (shout out to mike) in our head, as then the right signals would be like, "plop".... not sure thats an exactly appropriate noise for an orgasm but u get the picture....

would bring a new meaning to the term "blue jack"... gaffaw.

Random Quote

"If you play a Windows Installation CD backwards, it is said that it makes awful demonic sounds. But, that's not the worst part; if you play it forwards... it installs Windows!" - Mike "The Man with a plan" Roberts

Merry Boxing Day!

or so the story goes. Christmas Day has arrived and agone, so you ask, what did you get for christmas Tom of glory Tom of Light. Well he's busy so I'll tell you what I got instead (with related photos from google):

Money (I can pay off the barclaycard now, yip yip)
Shower Gel
Shower Gel
A Book on Winston Churchill
Shower Gel
A Book on The Arsenal
Lynx Shower Gel

In news of the furthering: Rexxor's Crimbo bash was much awesome at his abode of doom, though I fear not only did we eat all his awesome food, we also proceeded in leaving a wonderful mess for crimbo day.... not good... sorry rex!

If you lot have never seen the Chronic - what- les of Narnia Rap... then I mock you all for being way more out of date than 70% of the reduced section in Tesco. Also this is kinda interesting if you believe that sort of thing. Make your own snowman without snow! whoopa!

My imagination for skillery to do on this blog is dead today, post suggestions in the comments. then I'll delete the ones I like and pretend I made them up and you're all useless. Winner receives the knowledge that they are me.

I might do a video log, or audio log or smellovision log.

Random Quote(and example of third person slippage halfway through a sentance):

"i got christmas drunk and whilst walking home may have disconnected his shoulder bone" - The Danu

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

so the time of the day, to blog tom did fear
had arrived after a night, of laughing and beer
after some pondering, tom jumped with a start
"I know I'll rhyme my blog in the name of art!"
although his motivation, was somewhat a'lacking
he cried "my dissertation! I must get a'cracking!"
for although the season was a time to be merry
there was no time for tom to drink any sherry
yet so far today, a pen he had not touched
just a spoon and pot of cheese he did clutch

Last night however, was a night to be jolly
the sky was clear so no need for a brolly
a collection of chums, had decided to commune
in a public house by the name harvest moon.
but as this rhyme was penned with a skill
tom needed the loo, so we'll pause until
he returns, ah here tom is back right now
commence our story if time doth allow

much talk occured, about a trip around the land
and a many more distant travelling plans
perhaps a trip from lands end to the groates
to be taken by car not train or ferry boats
but the news of the night was not where we're heading
twas the revelation that mark would be wedding
"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" Tom nearly did utter
"best news since I can't believe its not butter!"
"whens the event?" "oh not in may but in june!"
"let me buy you a drink in this humble wetherspoon"
and tom thought to himself, "gosh this is scary"
"I'm not out of uni yet it seems we must very"
"soon grow up, blimey what a worrying thought"
a lack of girlfiend made tom quite distraught

but not to worry yourself, for you see i must
tell thee of how I came across this rhyming lust
for I listened to ja rule, read about the grinch
who stole christmas from the whos, indigo finch.
well what poor rhyming, can't imagine what you think
here let me reward you with this interesting link
you see I wrote this rhyme out of sheer desperation
as it sure beats learning things for my dissertation

the new range of motion of the tip of my finger from the top joint..... this does not bode well for my bone structure....

I've decided this is probably proof of evolution, as due to my new bone structure, if my finger gets hit by a slamming door, its new flexiblity will cushion the blow, preventing breakages, and hence my children will also have this new "mutation" if you will, and soon we will rule the world while everyone else dies from broken fingers! mwahahhawh! - and possible be unable to fire guns due to it and so can't defend themselves.... or sommit

we got a christmas tree!

woooo, which be much awesome, especially as we're actually have a christmas this year as opposed to last year *does a small jig quite similar to jigs many a year past*.

I've set a time scale for my dissertation now, so I gotta get down and do it, cos I'm sexy like that... or not. damn. I went to tesco today though, which surely leads to bonus points for tom.

Random Quote:

to the gym on 6th and 7th and to the bar on 8th
i assume ur using the anglo-saxon translation of the word gym, as to mean bar?
Me: dang.


claimed susie as she slowly stole the sun from Craig David....

yes oki I'm bloggin for the (warm) sake of blogging, however, we got free curry and awesome night for Sam's birthday, weeee, and Ruffle and sam treated us to some suspect karaoke, but respect for going up there :P

dang fools I need to do some work on my dissertation, I fear there's a large part I don't actually understand but I've been subconciously ignoring it cos I'm crazy dope like that.

If anyone is worried that I'm appearing in their dreams then, a) be glad it doesn't involve bananas and b) I'm only their to provide witty remarks and clever quips. However if I suddenly get flooded by water, wake me up and get me a drink!

Need to think of a different culture to go as to NewYears Party, any ideas send a SAE to Freepost, This isn't really FreePost. either that or leave a comment. Not only this but I fear I should prolly try and get fit, or get buff, or just get buffy and install her in my room....well if santa exists (according to smallville) then so does buffy!

also check it, Bearded Jack is in the Daniel "not quite as bearded as bearded jack and no where near" Powter - Bad Day vid.

Random Quote Joke:

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog vendor and says, “Make me one with everything.”

Golden Jubilee to light up the Exeter sky

Golden Jubilee to light up the Exeter sky

Exeter University is to celebrate its Golden Jubilee with a spectacular firework display in the city centre on... wednesday 21st december.... when there are no students there.... a cunning ploy... glad to see the uni keeping up its current record of cunning.

to the bar!

and so....

to orpington!

So this blog has been rather crap recently

and you knows it, not enough been happening to warrent me clickin on la Blog button....

however it was Pete's birthday. which we got quite spectacularly drunk for, but a reasonable level, and we talked to some guy about bears, and joining greenpeace and sommit mumbled in a scouser accent, and then we was like dahhh.

I may have some pics.

Mikey J has gone home! the fiend, he wins this time, but next time, wmahahhwhwshwahahah. indeed. Dave's also going today, avec me going 2moz.

Also i never mentioned this cos I forgot but check out rocketboom best vlog around (stay tuned for our vlog)

or just watch some vids of us here

I keep nearly buying a gamecube so I can rub myself withit, someone stop me! also make me do work while your at it.. Dissertation ARGH.


Random Quote

"hey this blog seems to lack its usual recipe of 2 parts humour to 3 parts crap" - Craig "I stole the sun" David's toe

Pic Festival!

"oh no" askewed Mike "my verticalness has failed!"....

..."my hands" stipulated Mike "for they are attacking my very face!"...

...blimey guv'na! its snowing! in fair exeter!...

...and all the while the snow continued fall, bunnies everywhere shagged like rabbits....

...and henceforth the little girl never wished to be taller again....

... a moustache, cutting edge facial technology... Rex concured majestically...

....furthermore, the eyebrow contest was won by Danu, sporting this rather fetching number...

...shitty wok anyone?...

...holy makeral!...

...and the birthday boi himself, avec his girl, singing their hearts out.... quite amazin this photo was vaguely in focus, bonus points to moi...

....wait a minute.....

...dave fighting a cat moments before his hand was savaged by its teeth of death!!!.. me all of these now! meat me up woman!...

...santa forgot to trim his eyebrows this year...

..."d'oh" ravenged Nick "oh the pain"...

.... says it all really...

...and soon teh bar was on fire!!!!...



....crap... dinner...

...Pete's dinner...

...the elequent pete on his birthday...


....Jenga Extreme...

hey don't do that

do this -> cool link about kids vs chimps (for mike) cog sci me up!

In other news, I've completed Fable: The Lost Chapters, which is an awesome game, and then yesterday I started playing The Movies, which was of equal excellence... unfortunatly I then started playing F.E.A.R and it addicted me so I got to interval 7 out of like 12, shizer!

I descibe it as: "its amazin, its like a cross between halflife 2, Max Payne 2 and sommit spooky as shit"

Time to apply for IBM

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | New-look Pooh 'has girl friend'

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | New-look Pooh 'has girl friend'


or as dave said: "WHHHHHAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thas crazy. is she hot?"

Damn disney, once microsoft are destroyed I vote firefox/google vs Disney

quick funny:

Some Guy on Fazed: "Remember when the German's bombed pearl Harbor?
Some Other Guy On Fazed: "yeah that was awesome it was all like raaawwwwwwrr pew pew pew boom and then an iguana popped out"

...awesome... also check this top gear thing

oh also Fable: The Lost Chapters is pretty cool, done by Lionhead, feels a bit nintendo like... I'm sure I should have built a bookcase today...

oh and I have a cold.

Vibrantly Benevolent Dragonflies

...according to recent surveys at least....

Check this extension, you can view all your tabs in firefox in one thumb-type-nailed extravaganza!

in further news, I suspect I may finish my presentation without a whole list of humourous yet catastrophic events occuring.

and more so, that "Whose Line Is It Anyway" is the funniest thing I've ever watched and I don't know why I've never really seen it before, tis awesome, watch it... by any means necessary.... obviously not by downloading it.... off bittorrent....from ISOhunt... or anything similar

did you know? no? oh. better tell you then:

  • bathykolpian - Deep bosomed
  • callipygean - Having well-shaped buttocks
  • colposinquanonia - Estimating a woman's beauty based on her chest

Random Quote:

"Express my echo!" - Craig "pass the salad carte" David

Current Status Of The Battle Between Good Vs Evil

since Thursday last week:

Good: I did in fact to hand in my 3000 word Stage 1 assignment without a) losing any knapsacks b) being roped into some sort of Corne Porne Production.

Good: Went beerified drink dans la Walkabout to celebrate longer licensing laws, dancing in streets, no deaths, bonus points to all involved

Bad: Nick got scammed by Walkabout and passed on the scam to us unwittingly, pah wristbands for 2 quid, for cheap drinks we didn't even buy!!! the fools!!!!!... or something.

Good: Snowed uberly, from end of walkabout

Good: I got to take the train home for only £20.50, whoopa!

Bad: Was hung over

Bad: Train got stopped and delayed for 30 min cos some dude caused a rucus and some police officers had to remove him, apparently piece by piece or some other such way.

Bad: Twas a "fatality" at some station beginning with S... maybe sebiton, or sydney. Got thrown off train at Woking, stuck in cold for ever.

Good: Got to orpington, scammed Dad into driving us to Petts wood, where we had a joyfull curry and a number of drinks in The Sovereign with me homeboys, awesome.

Good: Walked all the way home from Petts Wood, people cheered, knickers were thrown, however it was like 1am or some such

Good: Started drinking at 4pm in Harvy with orp posse, cracked the shots out, avec aftershock, drunkenness soon ensued, then turned up to Ram Ba Ba, for Trev's surprise Birthday bash as The Hives (and rex as green day) we looked mega awesome with some cunning moustaches, and awesome white ties. We all got way to drunk compared to everyone else (loads of people) there, Trev turned up and was a billion times happy, which was awesome, and we quaffed, and we laughed, and then somehow....

Bad: Karaoke machine was introduced.....

Good: ...but was awesome anyway, and we danced the night away. I ended up going wandering home blind drink I suspect, randomly chatting to Gemma, eventually Rachel's Mum took me and Colin to Neils house, but weren't allowed in and went home.. WhoopA!

Bad: Threw up.

Bad: Woke Up. Threw up.

Apparently Dan nearly got arrested but Rachel's mom saved the day

Bad: Drank water. Threw up. Ate something. Threw up... worked out the pattern.

Bad: Took train journey even though I felt crapper than that time I forgot where the loo was and used my bedroom "to go" for 10 weeks.

Good: Eventually recovered, then went to Ram.....

Good: Applied for Accenture!

Bad: Was Rejected from accenture nearly straight away (day or two after) - all my hopes and dreams destroyed.

Bad: Mega clashes of events, had to let some people down

Good: Sorted now

Bad: I have a presentation for Monday

Bad: I have no idea what I'm doing

Good: I've written all my Xmas cards! whoopa!

Bad: I lost an hour of play time on Gun cos it crashed

Good: "Whose line is it anyway" is awesome

Bad: wrist hurts from typing this boring thing, shoo now

Photos and humour later.

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