the new range of motion of the tip of my finger from the top joint..... this does not bode well for my bone structure....

I've decided this is probably proof of evolution, as due to my new bone structure, if my finger gets hit by a slamming door, its new flexiblity will cushion the blow, preventing breakages, and hence my children will also have this new "mutation" if you will, and soon we will rule the world while everyone else dies from broken fingers! mwahahhawh! - and possible be unable to fire guns due to it and so can't defend themselves.... or sommit


Michael 2:52 pm  

Girls Aloud were on E4 playing a football penalty competition. Only Nicola and Cheryl managed to get the ball in....

Tommeh 6:05 pm  

cheryl be like, dang I got you babe, or sommit. interesting fact, nicola's getting done in for swearing on a radio station

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