Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

so the time of the day, to blog tom did fear
had arrived after a night, of laughing and beer
after some pondering, tom jumped with a start
"I know I'll rhyme my blog in the name of art!"
although his motivation, was somewhat a'lacking
he cried "my dissertation! I must get a'cracking!"
for although the season was a time to be merry
there was no time for tom to drink any sherry
yet so far today, a pen he had not touched
just a spoon and pot of cheese he did clutch

Last night however, was a night to be jolly
the sky was clear so no need for a brolly
a collection of chums, had decided to commune
in a public house by the name harvest moon.
but as this rhyme was penned with a skill
tom needed the loo, so we'll pause until
he returns, ah here tom is back right now
commence our story if time doth allow

much talk occured, about a trip around the land
and a many more distant travelling plans
perhaps a trip from lands end to the groates
to be taken by car not train or ferry boats
but the news of the night was not where we're heading
twas the revelation that mark would be wedding
"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" Tom nearly did utter
"best news since I can't believe its not butter!"
"whens the event?" "oh not in may but in june!"
"let me buy you a drink in this humble wetherspoon"
and tom thought to himself, "gosh this is scary"
"I'm not out of uni yet it seems we must very"
"soon grow up, blimey what a worrying thought"
a lack of girlfiend made tom quite distraught

but not to worry yourself, for you see i must
tell thee of how I came across this rhyming lust
for I listened to ja rule, read about the grinch
who stole christmas from the whos, indigo finch.
well what poor rhyming, can't imagine what you think
here let me reward you with this interesting link
you see I wrote this rhyme out of sheer desperation
as it sure beats learning things for my dissertation


Michael 11:00 pm  

Its the love child of a mouldy peach and a bottle of bullet bourbon!!

Rex 2:02 pm  

What an amazing rhyme, but how did you get the time, to make such a great story, and bathe in the glory, of the wonderfulness of the harvey, just like a little cricket with some fresh larvae?

David Hulbert 11:49 am  

that was awesome! nicely done. u should enter that post into some post competition. ooh, happy christmas too!

just 2 make it rhyme, i'm not (yet) dr who.

Anonymous 5:46 pm  

*belatedly bows to Tommeh's rhyming greatness*

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