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okay doubt most ppl will get this but cracked me up, if u've heard me raving about Firefly/Serenity created by Joss Whedon u may slightly know what I'm talking about. Apparently Entertainment Weekly twisted a quote from him about "closure" into he hates firefly and everything, here's his response:

"All right, now I have to jump in and set the record straight. EW is a fine rag, but they do take things out of context. Obviously when I said I had 'closure', what I meant was "I hate Serenity, I hated Firefly, I think my fans are stupid and Nathan Fillion smells like turnips." But EW's always got to put some weird negative spin on it. But so we're clear once and for all: If you read a quote saying "I'd love to do more in this 'verse with these actors in any medium" all I'm saying is that Nathan has a turnipy odor. It's not his fault, he doesn't eat a lot of them but everyone else in the cast noticed it and tht's not really something I'm prepared to deal with any more. And Jewel said outright she wouldn't do scenes with him except stuff like the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER funeral scene which was outside in a high SPOILER wind. So if I do manage to find another incarnation for my beloved creation, it will have been totally against my will.

I hope that clears everything up. Oh, and when I say I want to do a Spike movie, it means I have a bunion on my toe.

-joss (by which I mean Tim)

(no, actually me.) "

[sarcasm]by the way that wasn't sarcasm[/sarcasm]

.... it was... that was a double sarcasm bluff thing there

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Fill free to ignore this post, I know most hardcore fans of my blog will try and prevent this from being stricken from the record but in years to come it will become forgotten for its confusing nature and lack of original humour. wop


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