what have I told you about picking that, don't do it!

I'd just like to say that I'm rubbish at talking on the phone, in fact beyond rubbish, this is rubbish and I'm like here or even here..... so sorry to everyone if I speak incoherently and are not very forthcoming upon la phone.

right so to continue with the last post, Serenity won best film of the year on Johnathon Wosses Film 2005 mega bonanza super duper awesome thing, and joss whedon did a humourous acceptance thing

Apparently its dangerous to fire guns into the air..... well I'm glad someone told me.

Some student made a million dollars by selling small squares on his website to companies for $1 each!!! I mean what?! crazy fools.

I'm starting to become worried cos my blog is hyped up so much I have to blog at a high standard continually, the pressure is immense and intense, similar to rik waller on a camping holiday.

mfmfmf mgmmfmfh mf mfhhfm fhnm.... sorry had my tooth brush in my mouth, what I mean to say was, did u know when potatos go green, that green stuff is the same toxin as is in deadly nightshade and could kill you in quite a satisfactory way. by satisfactory way I be you won't do some Jesus trickery on it.

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"Crap I gotta bold this all up now *sighs* - Me


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