why are women short?

interestingly Google has no answer
... to be fair check this, then this, possibly followed by this, and finally this.

its surprisingly hard to search for tall woman without loads of porn showing up, especially on alltheweb - I saw u click that! norty!

after a curious talk with Rachel we managed to create a new super hero, by the name of BLOG, or Breakdance Loving Orgasm Girl... tbh I only came up with the orgasm bit but the thought was there....then after a similiarly bizarre conversation we pondered the use of an orgasmatron like in the film of a similar name. I decided that u could give people involutantary orgasms once we all have wifi nano-bots (shout out to mike) in our head, as then the right signals would be like, "plop".... not sure thats an exactly appropriate noise for an orgasm but u get the picture....

would bring a new meaning to the term "blue jack"... gaffaw.

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"If you play a Windows Installation CD backwards, it is said that it makes awful demonic sounds. But, that's not the worst part; if you play it forwards... it installs Windows!" - Mike "The Man with a plan" Roberts


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