Yesense - Ep014

Lazyness Ensues

Once more i've been to lazy to do posts or anything but here's some interesting things we've done:

  • Many a bbq, including some awesome corned beef, pepper, potato and tomato kebabs.
  • Masses of work at uni, too hectic really.
  • Voting en mass.
And mainly we celebrated Zoe's Birthday on Thursday in suitable drunkard fashion. Also mexican devices at the girl's house and then off to arena. In a cunning twist Rob knewthe dj and got us free lambrini, which was disasterous, then he tried to destroy me with a shockin shot, but it was in fact awesome, so i returned the favour by actually destroying him with tequila and malibu, how i chuckle.

Unfortunatly I unleashed my "kitchen dancing" skills without the backup of Nick/Mike nearby to distract people, plus the dance floor was very empty, which means i had enough room to do some horrendous moves. Maybe next time I will shoot myself before dancing. Ah well.

When I came back to the house i was like whoa, and everyone was watching the election, and I was just being horrendously drunk so I went to bed. In the morning I discovered I had punched some sort of metal contraption in arena, and my knuckle was scuppered, I suspect it was due to frustration at not have an Adamantium skeleton. We all live in hope.

New Family Guy is totally awesome, watch it fools!

Cool Links

Online Version of Where's Wally!!

Article on Adamantium - w00t

Random Quote:

"ah, but if i had an adamantium skeleton, washing up would be so much easier" - the tom

"Oh this is almost as bad as that time I forgot how to sit down!" - Peter Griffin

Chris: "Hey little dude, how about some ice cream?"
Stewie: "Yes I could go for a frozen treat right about now. But no sprinkles. And for every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you."

Yesense - Ep013

Filling In The Gaps

A highly cunning boat trip device did occur last nite, though somewhat foolish as well, we drove all the way to exmouth to get a boat which went to exeter and back, then we drove back to exeter from exmouth. Good fun though, highly packed, but me and alex found a sneaky way to get to the bar, and hence lots of alcohol. As a pre-celebration for Zoe's birthday we all got highly drunk, then went to voltz. Though that kinda sucked cos dance floor is this big [] and there are too many mirrors so i can see my hectical dancing. ARGH..

anyway whop

Yesense - Ep012

Nothing of any importance

So murphy won the snooker. [Insert joke about murphy's law, haw haw gaffaw] ahem.

yesterday I decided that my body has shut down, as i nearly died in the gym, and that soon followed by having nearly a full blown forest in my eye. Things continued to worsen when I came across a crazy lady, with scraggly hair collecting blossom.

I've decided to collect royalties for various things, here are some of them i take credit for:

  • The word cranched - as in, "dammit my orgasmatron is cranched".
  • The excessive use of the word cunning - as in "thats a cunning ploy"
  • The word jank - as in, "ewww dude, thats jank".
  • The work scuppered - as in "that there pony is scuppered bro"
  • Yaharr
  • The excessive use of the word narf - as in "narf"
  • bum clouds, arsebiscuits and arsecakes - though I don't really deserve credit for them
If I think of anymore don't worry I'll tell you. You'll be pleased to note i only had one alcoholic beverage yesterday, and no caffiene woo! unfortunatly that will all fall apart today.

I also spent ridiculous amounts of money on a shirt, damn my eyes, also took me about 5 hours to choose plus I couldn't find any hair dye cos i got scared :( someone help me who is of a female nature!

Random Quote:

"If the Bible has taught us nothing else, and it hasn't, its that girls should stick to girl's sports, such as hot oil wrestling foxy boxy and such and such..." - Homer... i couldn't be assed to find a cunning one

Yesense - Ep011

BBQ of antioch

Forgot to post yesterday, whoopsy doddle, well on saturday night we had a bbq and drinkin sess with mike dave and pete coming round, this is a summary of events:

  • Cheap 1.97 non-disposable bbq, 28 burgers, 50 sausages, wooo
  • 4 crates of fosters - we drank 60 cans between us in end
  • Dave's "fire exploits", burnlicious
  • Mike covering dave in beer for an unknown reason then the destruction of our dustpan and brush in a related incident.
  • Dave smashing alex's head into the window quite comically
  • Dave pulling alex off wall which leads to them banging heads, quite funny
  • Mike going insane and throwing hundreds of sticks over lesbian next door -and then getting told off about the sticks landing in their lesbian cracks...mmmm
  • Our back wall suprisingly not collapsing drastically
  • Many a colleciton of unrepeatable jokes
  • Suspicious shots of midori which had various other alcohols secretly implanted in them.
right thats all i can remember for now... .hey wait a minute someone's put a cone on top of our flag, bunch of biatches. and our back gate is open! i suspect a cunning infiltration of our base. oh bother.

On better news, new Family guy and american dad out today!!!! awesomeness.
oh and yesterday we sucked completly at the quiz, even though dave's pc was right next to us cos he was doing a lan avec mike and 50 other people of questionable hygiene.

Time to have brekkie i suspect got meeting later today :(

Random Quote:

"Stop mottling me down!" - Anonymous me...bum

"my sticks on fire. dammit." - Alexis nixus

Yesense - Ep010

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