BBQ of antioch

Forgot to post yesterday, whoopsy doddle, well on saturday night we had a bbq and drinkin sess with mike dave and pete coming round, this is a summary of events:

  • Cheap 1.97 non-disposable bbq, 28 burgers, 50 sausages, wooo
  • 4 crates of fosters - we drank 60 cans between us in end
  • Dave's "fire exploits", burnlicious
  • Mike covering dave in beer for an unknown reason then the destruction of our dustpan and brush in a related incident.
  • Dave smashing alex's head into the window quite comically
  • Dave pulling alex off wall which leads to them banging heads, quite funny
  • Mike going insane and throwing hundreds of sticks over lesbian next door -and then getting told off about the sticks landing in their lesbian cracks...mmmm
  • Our back wall suprisingly not collapsing drastically
  • Many a colleciton of unrepeatable jokes
  • Suspicious shots of midori which had various other alcohols secretly implanted in them.
right thats all i can remember for now... .hey wait a minute someone's put a cone on top of our flag, bunch of biatches. and our back gate is open! i suspect a cunning infiltration of our base. oh bother.

On better news, new Family guy and american dad out today!!!! awesomeness.
oh and yesterday we sucked completly at the quiz, even though dave's pc was right next to us cos he was doing a lan avec mike and 50 other people of questionable hygiene.

Time to have brekkie i suspect got meeting later today :(

Random Quote:

"Stop mottling me down!" - Anonymous me...bum

"my sticks on fire. dammit." - Alexis nixus


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