in other news

you'll all be glad to know there's a new killer mega stab-you-in-the-head-with-a-blunt-boomerang su do ku.... I don't really care but I quite liked the boomerang reference.

Howz dat?!

very nice thank you....

we play cricket today on proper pitch and all, I can bowl pretty alrite, but batting is a kinda lucklusta affair of me just being able to wack it, and not direct it, and hence nearly taking down Mark. Excellent fun.

Saw Crash at the moving pictures. Twas pretty good, but if u don't wanna see it here is a basic summary of the message behind it, broken down piece by piece its still quite complicated:

"Everyone is racist"

on a more happier note, check out the mmorpg: if u sign up before 15th Jan, its free free free free, cos they got a system of advertising boards running advert clips, very clever. Also my bitorrent of it is going nearly 200kb/s, and its only 800mb. How erogenous.. sleep now for packing 2moz

finally a catch up

My god!, look how much my "laser" mouse has damaged my desk, an utter disgrace...

Loads of stuff happened this weekend:

Friday: Went to pub, me ruff rex got there at 6, I had some crappy salad, we then proceeded to get highly drunk, with people joining us for the ride, colin got there at 8! Awesomely awesome night, though me and colin don't remember dan walking home with us, and when he got in he was randomly talking to his parents. His mum went out to hall and was like "why the fuck is there a cone here"... which he forgot he brought in, excellent. Rex also threw up flourescent yellow in the morning!

Saturday: Went to Rachel's, awesome much wikked, cool drinking games, and food, and we frolocked in stupidly hot pool, which scratched me and colin up, but not rachel... suspect if u ask me. We also managed to drink 60 bottles of bud ice between a very few amount of us, and weren't drunk!. Awesome

Monday (2nite): Went and frolocked down goddington with a tennis ball and football, practised bowling, got cricket fever. then went to pizza express, yummy, and followed by Sexing up spoons once more. Adam showed up so birthday type wooing.

List of Cool Songs:

Ben Folds - Landed
David Powter - Bad Day
Oasis - Importance Of Being Idle
Jack Johnson - Good People
Element 80 - Scars (The Echo Song)
Eagles - Take It Easy
James Blunt - Beautiful

sunshine, don't bend my heart dooby dooo

I thought this was quite cunning

as is this

I can't be assed to do a real post, too sunny, sl8rs foolios

interesting random thoughts....

I was reading my floral book for 3d modelling today, and u have to wonder about computer science humour:

"This artificial tilting of the surface normals is called, amusingly, perturbing the normals."

i mean wtf?
I was also thinking (thought not at the same time), that surely channel 4 have nothing to lose streaming off their site as all the money they make is from adverts anyway? Its prolly illegal cos of licence n wotnot. but basically I wanna watch cricket on my computa. damn their eyes.

for anyone whose gonna buy a laptop for uni, heres...
1. they are well expensive
2. they are well slow
3. keyboards are shit on them
4. u can't upgrade
5. not much power goes to them for extra usb devices
6. can get lost down sofas
7. can get eaten easily by peckish friends
8. if stuff spilt on keyboard, whole thing fuxxored

on a related subject I'm not sure why when I search for "Daniel Powter bad day", one of the videos that comes up is "rate my anal spray"

Check this fools - Mr T rules

Random Quote:

"damn my camel has spilt Horlicks on my lappy whilst i was out- BAD BAD CAMEL" - Ruffle

Love, Dolphins & Sex shops

In the depths of the Amazonian Rainforest, there's a tribe whose basic language has no concept of "love". Therefore I was wondering, does love just exist because someone once said "hey, we need something to enslave people with" and someone (probably called Brutus) was all like up in your face and said "ya blud, lets make love....ew get away from me (ahem)". Or, is love - not the platonic kind felt for your mother etc. - a built in "feeling" within humans, and not just a way to justify sex without a purpose? On the other hand, is love all that differs use from other animals (apart from religion, and killing of each other etc) or can animals feel love. I'm sure dolphins can, but then again maybe they just like fish a bit obsessively, and transfer that to humans/dolphins/things that have fish. Same goes for dogs. Not that dolphins eat dogs. Or dogs eat fish.

What I'm really trying to say is. isn't my blog a lot more boring when I try to be deep and meaningful...

in other news, check out the japanese sex shops

also check these lucky folk

Free Ipod!

Go here - and sign up, and follow an offer. Then get 5 referels who do the same and u get a free ipod! Its been on bbc news and stuff, and apparently works. Gwan, if I get 5 I'll get an ipod! woo

you can get $250 voucher for itunes as well (it works for uk as well)

new shoes?

on the conclusion of my shoe looking like this...(hey its my foot!)...

...I have purchased these shoes for the princely sum of 35 sterling each... how excellent

saw the island yesterday, twas pretty good. wanna see dukes of hazard for jessica simpsons ass next week. We had cool curry club at lloyds bar before hand, which was pretty dope, got a free cobra avec it.

on another note check out Google Desktop 2, there sexy search majig, but this time with a sexy side bar... though is only sexy if its on auto-hide. Expect microsoft to copy this soon.

Also google have Google Talk now, a very very very plain instant messanger, with voice over IP, communication. yet it seems a bit pointless, does no more than msn, and a lot less.


Current Episode To Watch: 21
only one that hasn't finished downloading...nrgh...even have 22-25...nrgh....

Current Level of "Lost" Addictiveness: No response to external stimulae, EEG shows heightened cerebral activity

BBQ ala da rachel

a highly captivated danu...

and more meat than u can shake a stick at...

awesome bbq nite, I think I managed to eat about 20 kebabs, on top of like loads of burgers, crisps and sausages. Excellent. Lots of Bud Ice as well and chillage. We watched some silly Van Damme film as well, which was about as clever as I am smart....

no food for tom today I suspect...

Current Level of "Lost" Addictiveness: Delta waves moving from cranial anterior to posterior

The Venue

amanacer, wooo..

...with lighting effects of excellence...

...and acousticness of sensualness...

...followed by the regulatory slapping of adam... which rex was like, "wtf mate?"...

...and what the hell is happening here?...

so we went clubbing in la London, dans la Venue. Twas pretty good, but kinda bit empty and music was a bit odd. Plus I can't remember how to dance which is a bit of error. Mike u gonna have to teach me again. Drinks were like 3 quid each, and Pints of 4x were like watered down piss.. damn their eyes. Luckily we decided to get N47 home, which involved walking halfway to Lewisham, still I had meat and chips and we frolocked along. I think dan kissed rex at some point. Amanacer were good though.

Current Level of "Lost" Addictiveness: Spacial Awareness And Depth Perception Lost

the meet up ala Sarah

rack 'em up [insert random joke] ..

...adam with the concentration of a jack rabbit on ritalin...

...and once more I'm being laughed at *sobs*

me and me homeboy ad went to Sarah's gaff to be like "sup girlie, 'appy Birthday". We went to la walkabout, which was pretty dope though steak wasn't quite as big as I'd have hoped. Then we went to rileys and played a vast amount of pool, in which 1) I didn't suck completley at and 2) the place is awesomely nice there.

Current Level of "Lost" Addictiveness: Speculating Nervous Twitches

don't call me lebunentta

  • dammit, can't wait to see Serenity, reading up about it etc, gonna be so awesome, may watch the FireFly episodes again *rubs himself*
  • Bones - new series with David Boreanaz in, mite be good
  • How I met your mother - new series with Alyson Hannigan in, wooo
  • Kitchen Confidential - new series with Nicolas Brendon... prolly gonna be pants
  • Four Kings - new series with Seth Green, he's normally in good stuff, so mite be good
  • caught a bit of Lost other day, looks awesome, shall download.
  • James Marsters gonna be in a 6 episode arc in smallville!! awesomeness!!!!

Also apparently new buffy DVDs are selling faster than Shrek 2 and Sharktake, mwahhaah

In other news, I went to the gym today, and thats about it. wooo

remember to get Arrested Development, the 4400, mebbe Battlestar Galactica and Entourage as well, to see if they be good

an appointment of doom

Okay so after all the palava about my heart etc here's how my doctors appointment went, broken down stylie:

*enter Tom Stage Right*
Tom: Sup mr doctor
Doc: Lo tom, u suck, whats wrong?
Tom: er, my heart be broken Mr dude.
*doc slaps heart/blood pressure device on tom*
Doc: shut up f00lio, u be the win, go away
Tom: But er, fast heart no?
Doc: no u blankety blank - Look take this blood test if u want but tbh ur hearts good, but ur the suck, get outta here - damn exeter rufians.
Tom: Arsecakes...

exactly, anyway also they all seemed to hate me cos I had to be a temporary resident cos of exeter tomfoolery?! what a waste of time.

Sounds like a time for monday club really...

finaly... wtf?

bbq extravaganza

shockingly a group photo was created, even though their was quite a fallic savaloy in it...

ah computer games, is there anything they can't do (answers on a postcard to PO BOX IDONTCARE)....

..adam after finding out I was not in fact in love with him....and after puttin on rexxor's glasses...

...the real contents of burgers!

excellent weekend, apart from me throwing up extremely violently on the friday nite, but still much good, alcohol, food, frolicking etc. I think overall I ate my weight in meat. I think we left ruffle's place quite a mess :( sorry ruffle!

Mashed is an awesome 4 player ps2 game, very addictive as well.

Awesome weekend, now to dance.

pass the pork fool

I wanna buy this poster I think, anyone find it cheaper than 5.99?

today I've mostly been trying to find websites with ppl from skool on, and failing drastically, do u lot do nothing at uni/work etc?! fools. All i found was some football team that was created in like 98 that must be dead by now.

Luckily today its the start of mega ruffle bbq of mega doom and awesomeness weekend. Even colin's coming back from his Intel headquarters, so basically expect much of this, this and this.

for all u neighsayers...

Here is proof that I do actually do something productive with my day - in this case I am reading Principles of Three-Dimensional Computer Animaton by Michael O'Rourke

However also, here are my 29/43 so far Things - anyone got any more suggestions for moi?

I've just realised that also I'm never gonna be able to be a child acting protégé (rachel showed me how to spell that, cheers!), which therefore means I won't be an awesome superstar in america, or be able to date Lindsay Lohan. dammit. I gonna end up being some "network supervisor" or sommit, in which I get to drive a Ford Mondeo, instead of a Mclaren-Mercedes SLR. bum clouds.

I'm running outta time to be a rockstar as well, would help if I could play the guitar. Or sing. or play the drums. even more arsecakes.

In lighter news, england seem to be hitting a ball with a wooden stick pretty well, and are currently on 193-2, in their first innings. oh wait 194 now. funtabibble

Yesense - Ep026

ooh ya

so I decided i was too lazy to go the gym woo.
I really should do some comp sci, hey check this car

anyone seen my microphone? I can't find it... darn



wow that was awesome, anyway saw Herbie today, for some reason I thought it was awesome, maybe just cos lindsey lohen was in it. Man I'd invite her to the party inmy pants, but then again ur all invited! wakka wakka woo woo yeah

if I knew what the hell is going on here, then I'd be a better man...

damn u firefox stop crashing! - FUCK A DUCK just lost my entire post, lets see if I can redo it.... - check it, click Movie Window, make sure u have shockwave and play, tis quite interesting.

Oh I completed San Andreas, gonna do random stuff on it now, and I think I've forgotten how to type, which is pretty annoying, sleeptime.

Random Quote (happy go lucky emo quote)

Have another drink and drive yourself home.
I hope there's ice on all the roads.
And you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt,
and again when your head goes through the windshield.
- Brand New


in reply to Simone's mom's advances on me, mr dave ala hardcore says:

"thats amazing! ur a regular dustin hoffman!!"

not quite how i'd put it, but excellent reply anyway :P

erm yes...

there is a small chance that there is something horrendously wrong with my heart, I gonna book a doctors appointment 2moz to make sure that I'm just being paranoid.


damn u father give back my fan!

however, let us not get distracted, especially as I am very sweaty from the gym.

hey! I made this jingle:

who woulda thought, that what I once bought
wasn't a catapillar, but a local miller
who said hey you, have this pink poo
to which I replied, oh dear my hat is died

Thank you Thank you, in further news dan's station is under lockdown due to a bomb scare, luckily he's not in it at the moment.... argh my firefox nearly died but I saved it with this handy util: Process Explorer - it's pretty excellent

Random Quote:

"no, ill suddly drunken myself and say heeloooooooooooo" - Nick-a-trick

Yesense - Ep025

Yesense - Ep 024

hey, thats... cool

I have decided to award nick the award for best Blog URL, tis rather excellent:

dammit now I gotta change my blog template, anyway, me and stu came up witha cunning plan to take out the dude that charged be 104 quid. It involves robots with mini EMPS and a lot of hacking and DOS attacks

luckily we can't be assed.

Stu's quiz of sucking ass

Cool game of fun

just realised I not done an ep of Yesense for a while! shock horror

btw everything at far2narf is back up except the ExFlow Vid, so erm, I gonna try and find sommit to do which is cunning

fucking plebs

okay so is dead and down cos I exceeded my monthly limit by 3.4gb?! (limit is 1gb) and he's charged me 104 quid, the fucker

so no vids are up or anything, I not sure how it got so far over as they supply no way of keeping track and they are quite fucking shit.. dammit...

anyway, awesome bbq weekend, we hacked up some guitar shops in london, then proceeded to simone's bbq extravaganza, where simone's mum was very drunk and just a tad scary! Luckily we had beer and ruffle soon turned up for much drunk hilarity.

no mroe energy to type... must... sleep..

shock news from the Far2Narf Productions camp!

since the release of the highly successful ExFlow video, a rival studio (current name unknown) has released a video called ExBlah, which in the same hard hitting style as ExFlow, delivers laughs and cheese.

so my good man, Far2Narf Productions sees your ExBlah and raises you a Mike Dance Workout!!

Thats right children for a limited time only (until the internet dies) view it at Far2Narf Productions!


in other news Adobe Premiere is quite cool, and well... I went to the gym?... *sighs* wooo

death is all around us wooogoogog

ah, well I've discovered I am indeed highly scared of death, here's the back story:

recently had some dreams which involves someone who has something similar to the "evil dead" inside them, and they go around with an axe throwing it and people, if u get hit the evil dead is transfered to u and the previous host dies. These may sound like nightmares, but its normally quite fun dodging axes while carrying on with normal dreams, anyway however this time for some reason Amy Firmin had it, and we went down a blocked end and it hit me in the head.

anyway I was about to hit someone with it (think it may have been dan, sorry man) when I suddenly realised I was gonna die, and the shock and terror I got from that, I woke up within 1 second, and nearly smashed my head on the wall. I've never in all my life woke up so quickly from a dream. Awesome.

Exflow time!

That's right children to video is finally available! Basically its collection of videos combined cunningly together from the first year (that I did ages ago), mainly parcour silly stuff. I think some of you seen it woo... anyway cos I'm mean i'm gonna make u get it from the Far2Narf Productions site................

oh also its 80mb.....well worth it though

Far2Narf Productions

shit! just checked my telescope, looks like the power rangers planet has explodemanated!!!... damn i'm good. oh and the lack of stars is due to a special space phenonium* called.. er... tomforgottoaddstarstothebackgroundfirstwibble...

I was looking through my telescope the other day, and not only was I like "wtf I don't have a telescope", but also I was like "whoa that planet there looks like the Power Rangers planet, though quite similar to something shoddy i could make in photoshop..."

so I got bored, and I thought, i wonder what would be an interesting outlet for my creativity, then I just decided to sketch Jennifer Love Hewitt....

anyone remember the thunderstorm we had in kavos?.... I don't...

hey check this earth I made in photoshop by following a cunning tutorial, tis pretty excellent if u ask Julie.

Shocking news of what really happened last saturday!!!

"aha" pondermanated Simone as she plotted her devishily cunning plan....

after much hand burning but successful modern arting, a magical conundrum was created... "wooo" menstruated Danu...

"hey! I find your lack of wisdom degrading" offered Jazz in a bemused fashion....

..and with that visionary powers seised operation as rex pondered the effects of alcohol on his test subjects...

....and people slowly....

...blurred into the background.....

and so I managed to piece together a few memories and what people have told me, the main highlights were the walk home where first of all:

  • me and dan attempted to roll down a road - this failed due to pain and cars
  • we then proceeded to can can down the road
  • this was shortly followed by jumping into a large bush, which soaked me
  • then we were going to jump in a HUGE flower pot but I pushed dan in it instead
  • unfortunatly then dan found a clothes drying device and wore it
  • Then dan tried to get into a trolley, fell backwards in it and got stuck
  • then I had the bright idea of tipping the trolley over to get him out
  • blood, followed by my zombie impressions in the graveyard.

tip of the day:

go to: about:config
in firefox, filter down to:


and set to true, then no more new firefoxs being opened when stupid links (target = _blank) are clicked... damn u all

science shinaniknees

yup, its that time of decade again when we go on a family outing! of such. we managed to navigate our way to The Science Museum, some cunning nano-tech there, which could be used on a "battlesuit", that could like make ur heart beat again if u hiccup and it stops.

me arriving at the Science Museum in a prototype Harrier Jump Jet....

...unfortunatly I crashed into Mika's formula 1 car that he foolishly and haphazidly left around...

..but its all good, this is my new hard-drive, it stores over 32kb!!!!, excellent

luckily I saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory today, and as always Johnny Depp was pretty awesome, still wanna see herbie cos of Lindsey Lohan though. instead however I learn how to hack lifts (elevators)

furthermore, here's a collection of words to help you become a better sales(womb)man via (bad(terrible(horrendous))) example:

"Hello, Gr peninsula eetings at the best PharmzShop!

  • unfeigned Stable L0W PRlCES
  • Worldwide guaranteed deIiever astronomy y
  • Ea billfold sy to 0rder
  • SAVE UP frostily TO 70%"

  • and so concludes my history lesson. exits are to your right

    Random Quote:

    "I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned."

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