finally a catch up

My god!, look how much my "laser" mouse has damaged my desk, an utter disgrace...

Loads of stuff happened this weekend:

Friday: Went to pub, me ruff rex got there at 6, I had some crappy salad, we then proceeded to get highly drunk, with people joining us for the ride, colin got there at 8! Awesomely awesome night, though me and colin don't remember dan walking home with us, and when he got in he was randomly talking to his parents. His mum went out to hall and was like "why the fuck is there a cone here"... which he forgot he brought in, excellent. Rex also threw up flourescent yellow in the morning!

Saturday: Went to Rachel's, awesome much wikked, cool drinking games, and food, and we frolocked in stupidly hot pool, which scratched me and colin up, but not rachel... suspect if u ask me. We also managed to drink 60 bottles of bud ice between a very few amount of us, and weren't drunk!. Awesome

Monday (2nite): Went and frolocked down goddington with a tennis ball and football, practised bowling, got cricket fever. then went to pizza express, yummy, and followed by Sexing up spoons once more. Adam showed up so birthday type wooing.

List of Cool Songs:

Ben Folds - Landed
David Powter - Bad Day
Oasis - Importance Of Being Idle
Jack Johnson - Good People
Element 80 - Scars (The Echo Song)
Eagles - Take It Easy
James Blunt - Beautiful


Michael 9:02 am  

James Blunt - Billy, is a better tune.

Anonymous 12:08 pm  

flurescent yellow, very nice!! my m8 once threw up light blue, apparantly it was all very excitin for every1 involved...

Stuey D 12:42 pm  

How did your mouse burn a bright red line into your desk???

Michael 1:33 pm  

Set phasers to muppet...

Tommeh 2:35 pm  

cos my mouse has a red laser? like durrrrr, lemon merrange

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